Thursday, October 1, 2009

Halloween Contest 2009: Nightmares on Cardboard II

It's the first of October, and here at Thorzul Will Rule, that means it's time for the return of...

Nightmares on Cardboard 2009

Your assignment this year is pretty much the same as last year, but with a new twist. Once again, I'm asking you to create the world's scariest card. If you are new to this and want some practical guidelines for what's expected, check out these entries from last year.
Grand Prize
Second Place
Third Place
In a bold gesture, PunkRockPaint threw down the gauntlet last December and declared the 2009 prize undoubtedly "his" about eleven months early. To make sure everyone has a fair chance to win this year's prize (which will be decided upon at the preference of the winner, most likely some packs and one nice card), I've chosen a theme for this year's entries. Any modified cards submitted for judgment must refer to a horror film that was released prior to 1985. If the film is part of a series, the series must have begun before that date, so I you want to go with A Nightmare on Elm Street (lame, not very creative), that's fair game, but if you had some sort of Scream reference in mind, save that one for your grandma's contest, it's not welcome here.

Go nuts on them this year, ladies and gentlemen. I'd love to see violent collisions at the plate turn truly violent. I want one of you to get hauled in by the feds like Ruggero Deodato (director of Cannibal Holocaust) for creating an image that is so lifelike, they'll think you actually murdered someone to capture it on pulsating cardboard. Shit, make Calbert Cheaney look like Lon Chaney, for all I care.

As a bonus incentive, I've chosen a secret film, a movie that will receive greater weight when my decision regarding a winner has been made. If your card references this film, I will regard it more highly than another entry. (Oh, and if you want to submit more than one card, go for it. Remember, last year's winner sent me a whole pack.) For the next week or so, I will be leaving clues on the blog regarding the identity of this secret film. It is one of my favorites, though I believe I've never mentioned it on this blog. Here is your first clue: EW Top 25 1999.

The deadline to get these to me is October 24, one week before Halloween. As before, sending me a hard copy is preferred, though sometimes printed stuff doesn't show up that well, so also send me your original jpegs or whatever so I can show them off with absolute clarity. If you need to get ahold of me, you can contact me here, but if we've had dealings in the past, my address is the same as before. I look forward to being frightened by your creations.

Not a reference to the secret film...

That's not it either...

Nope, still not it, but anything with David Hess would be awesomely scary!

And by the way, no undies relics this year, please! And any David Cronenberg reference is a plus, even though none of his films are the secret film. And keep checking the blog for more clues this week.


Matt F. said...

Little confused...modified cards must be from before 1985 but your secret movie is from 1999...Is your secret movie the one exception?

Thorzul said...

Modified card: Any year
Movie the card references: Pre-1985
Secret film: Also pre-1985

I hope this clears things up.