Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Nightmares on Cardboard II: Grand Prize

Peek through your fingers at the cards you are about to see. You may be scared, but even if you possess the courage to view them directly, fight the urge to do so. If at all possible, construction of a makeshift pinhole viewer (the same type used to safely view a solar eclipse) may be beneficial. Why? Your eyes must be protected from the radiant awesomeness of this winning entry for the Nightmares on Cardboard II.

Your winner: Condition: Poor (a SlangKo subsidiary)

Here's what took the prize...

1972 Topps #209 Boyhood Photos of the Creeps - The Mummy, 1972 Topps #279 Boyhood Photos of the Creeps - Dracula

These two are great, but are actually my least favorite of the lot that was sent. The backs are particularly educational, and the fronts are a very clever take-off on the 1972 Topps subset.

1960 Topps #58 Andre Delambre ("The Fly") Bug Relic

The insertion of bugs into cards has really seemed to take off this year. I admit, I've never seen this version of The Fly. The artwork on the back is particularly endearing. I must admit, however, that I haven't yet hit that "Oh my God" factor that I felt when seeing last year's Count Orlok card, a feeling that got catapulted into the stratosphere once I saw the Regan card last year. Let's keep thumbing through and see what turns up.

1958 Topps #300 Cemetery Zombie All-Star

Have I mentioned yet that all of these cards arrived in-hand? This one is so cool that I want to stick it into my 2007 Topps Heritage binder as the final short print that completes the set. Maybe right next to David Wright. "They're coming to get you, Barbara." So are the two top cards sent this year.

1951 Topps Red Backs Chauvin from White Zombie




That's it, now we have a winner. I thought that once I saw the Night of the Living Dead card and there were a few left, that we were on the verge of greatness. A round of applause for picking such an obscure horror film. While most people know White Zombie as a rock band headed by a dude who now directs horror films, the name actually started out as what has been called the first true zombie film. I watched the first half of it or so last year, since I have a copy in one of those 50-movie DVD cheapo sets. I think I need to take another crack at it, even though it may mean suffering through a horrible transfer.

But just look at this card. The artistry. The color. The flawless design. 1951 Topps is a design that has not yet been played out in the homage/cutsomization arenas, and the milieu works perfectly here. A perfect mingling of a first and a first (zombie film and Topps set, respectively).

2009 SlangKo #trc-215-31 Masters of Horror Triple Relic (Cape, Bolt, Sheet Music) Dracula, Monster, Phantom

I think I just stopped breathing.

In... out... come on, Thorzul, get a grip. Concentrate on the oxygen.

There, I think I'm better. As much as the phrase is overused, thinking outside of the box is what wins this contest. A bolt? A bolt? I wish you could all touch this card, because you need to feel the actual bolt that is embedded in this card. Even the sheet music feels like old parchment. Congratulations, Slangon from Condition: Poor, you have truly earned the right to call yourself 2009's Nightmares on Cardboard Champion. Everybody else, you have about eleven months to try to top it. I can't wait until next year!


PunkRockPaint said...

Pardon my French, but FUCK YEAH!

SpastikMooss said...

*jaw dropped*

Cemetary zombie may actually be my favorite. But the fly relic was really cool too. They're all just so damn good!

Way to go Slangon..you earned it dude.

beardy said...


Mark Aubrey said...

I tip my hat. Heck, I might even start to tip my waiter.

Fantastic job.

PunkRockPaint said...

Pardon my French, but FUCK YEAH! x infinity!!!

dayf said...

Holy fscking shit........

Just, wow. These kicked all but one of my ideas' asses and that one is nigh impossible to make. I have 11 months to try though. Bravo SlangKo!

Play at the Plate said...

Blown away! I think it may take all 11 months to top those. Congrats SlangKO!

Steve Gierman said...

Damn! Just... DAMN!!!

madding said...

I'm far from a horror movie buff, but this made me want to make my own cards - something I haven't even thought about since I was a kid.

Doc said...

I believe the gauntlet has been thrown and it is time for me to toss my hat in the ring for 2010.

Worked my ideas out last night, and I'll need about 360 days to complete!

Bravo work by all!

Slangon said...

Wow. Thanks, dudes. I'm speechless.

And I just want to say, Thorzul, this is certainly the most fun contest I've been involved with. Thanks for having it.

PunkRockPaint said...

Yeah, Thorzul, this WAS the most fun contest... now it is just intimidating. :(

Can't wait for next year!

The Mojo Hand said...