Monday, November 2, 2009

Nightmares on Cardboard II: Second Place (Part 2)

It may come as a surprise to faithful readers, so some of you may want to sit down. This year's co-second place winner is... PunkRockPaint.

I'll let you catch your breath.

Are you ready now? Let me explain. While great, PRP's entry this year was eclipsed by another. While this may not seem possible, the unthinkable truly has happened. Let's all take a look at his entry.

First of all, I received a large Priority Mail box. Once I opened it, I knew greatness was in store. Inside was an extremely high end box/pack. How high end? Imagine a box of UD Black and Topps Sterling getting a little too tipsy one night, going back to one of their apartments, doing the horizontal cardboard nasty, and popping out a mini-box nine months later, an awesome amalgam of the best of both brands. This is that box. On the cover we are promised two vintage horror cards and one relic card. I'm guessing this is the product that pushed us all past the $10,000 pack barrier. No looking back now.

From the close-up of the side, you can see that this box arrived shrink-wrapped and unsearched, so we're getting the best possible chance at a top-tier relic. A few familiar faces show up, while we are lured with a chance at "autographs from the grave." Excellent.

With the shrink wrap cast aside, we get a glimpse of last year's Jason Voorhies card along with a Griffey Zombie. And... wait a minute... is that a coffin?

Indeed it is. No expense has been spared on this product. Don't even try getting one, I've heard they're all sold out.

With the utmost of care, I sliced open the coffin. I don't have to tell you how hard it is to saw through fine cedar without damaging the cards inside, but somehow the inner pack remained unscathed. At last, we arrive at the Zombie Repack. I'm expecting something to lunge out at me, so I cover my neck and remember to aim for the head.

Here's what was inside. I'll show you these via the jpgs, for the sake of clarity.

1978 Topps #LV426 Kane

Seconds before the Alien burst through his chest, a Topps photographer took this photo of a mission in distress. I have to say, the Alien-themed All-Star Rookie cup almost got PunkRockPaint his second consecutive title. Almost.

1976 Topps #666 Carrie White

Again, the blood-drenched player position icon is what makes this card stand out. And the team choice of the Royals... Brilliant!

2009 Deadwin Champions #ZMB-1 Zombiology Film-Used Zombie Finger

Is there any doubt this is a case hit? I didn't quite get what the quarter was for initially, thinking it was for purposes of scale. Later, PRP emailed me a nice how-to of the making of this card, and revealed that this is in fact an Oklahoma quarter, the one I need to finish (well, not really... fucking Guam!) the 50-States set. There's still no way I'm opening this up, so I guess I'll have to secure the OK quarter the old-fashioned way.

The back of this relic promises the memorabilia was "used in an official zombie amputation," and bears the seal of approval of George A. Romero.

Way to go, all of the runners-up! Prepare to have your socks blown off by this year's winner. See you all tomorrow.


SpastikMooss said...

wow...I can't believe I tied Punk Rock. The cards are awesome, but the packaging of those cards is A freaking coffin! Punk are just awesome man.

William said...

How can somebody beat these? I'm excited to see.

beardy said...

Yeah, if this is the second place entry, I can't wait to see who managed to beat him out. I do have an idea of who it could possibly be, but I guess time will tell.

dayf said...

This... came in SECOND?!??!?

Jumpin Jesus on a pogo stick, I'm scared to even think about what the winning entry could be...

PunkRockPaint said...

Thanks, I had fun making the cards again this year.

Next year it's personal!

Steve Gierman said...

Holy poop on a stick!! This is why I don't dare enter this. Although, next year, I may have to.

Play at the Plate said...


jackplumstead said...

This is GENIUS. Well done PUNKRock!