Thursday, November 5, 2009

Students, dayf, and Whores

A few non-card things to share tonight, though related to the blogosphere through one of its most prominent members. I've been saving a few of the things that have come across my desk during the first few months of the school year. The first of them might seem familiar to any of the lucky few who caught my "Mr. Bam" rant post last year. Well, the misnomer has returned, and this time it was from a student, not an adult, and she just wanted to give me a picture she drew.

The Cardboard Junkie himself hopped upon the bandwagon surrounding this hysteria, and a really long time ago he sent me some cards. I don't remember what the cards were, but I did manage to save the accompanying note.

Whenever I look at this, it makes me remember that all is right with the world. I would put this somewhere at the top of the Mr. Men list, just ahead of that insufferable Mr. Fussy. Geez, you put one ascot of his back in the wrong order, and that dandy just looks down his nose at you for a solid two weeks. Mr. Bam puts up with no shit and plays no games. Piss him off and BOOM, you're missing six of your fingers.

Lastly, I have to share one of the reading response answers one of my students wrote. Figure this one out for yourselves.

I just can't stand it when the 'hores get out of control. So many "childrin" get hurt when that happens.

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Motherscratcher said...

See, I'm just the opposite. I love it when the hores get out of control. Good times.

My mom teaches 1st grade. A few years ago one of her students wrote on an assingment:

"My twisty pen is fun. I like to play with it."

He forgot to leave a space between "pen" and "is".

Don't we all, dude.