Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Trade Me Anything! III: Trade #1

It's a great time to be alive, isn't it? The leaves have fallen, but the weather is unseasonably warm. A chill is soon bound to be in the air, but the time of having to think about and plan a Halloween costume has passed. We're in the thick of autumn, and this means the return of Trade Me Anything! Yes, Virginia, there is a third installment.

The good news is, the trades have started coming in. The great news is, you're all getting new backgrounds this year. For the first go-round, you got a glimpse of nature. Last year, a comic book connection was made. Any cards I'm trading this year will be backed by a DVD liner from my personal collection. Feel free to guess the connection between each DVD and the player that I'm trading. You won't get anything tangible, so you'll have to settle for respect.

Let's take a look at the first trade. This one comes from Don in Arkansas. A couple of years ago, Don traded me a sweet Hostess Oscar Gamble card, which I've since traded away. I loved it, but I had to set it free. Them's the breaks. I hope Oscar enjoys his current home, wherever it may be. But I digress...

Giving: 2009 Topps Updates & Highlights Topps Town Blue #TTT59 Justin Verlander and Propaganda #PP8 David Wright

Geting: The April 27, 1987 Issue of Sports Illustrated and 2009 Goudey #108 Prince Fielder

*An overabundance of Thanks goes out to Don for sending me what he couldn't have possibly realized was a huge part of my childhood. The Rob Deer SI issue was really the only issue of Sports Illustrated that existed in my home until I started my own subscription in 1994 or so. Once it hit the newsstands, my dad picked up a copy. You must realize that this period of time when my sports awareness really started to develop. Prior to the spring of 1987, sure, I had been to some Brewers and Bucks games, but never really had must of an idea of the larger scheme of things. I remember the Bears/Patriots Superbowl XX mismatch (my mom tried to get me to bet a quarter on the Pats, but I was having none of that action), and parts of the 1986 MLB playoffs are stuck somewhere in my memory, but other than that, nothing. When the home team wins 13 straight games to start the year, well, there's no other word for that than magic. This magazine takes me back to that time, and the period following its publication during which I must have read the thing from cover to cover at least a dozen times. Almost every single page sticks out in my mind:
Jackie Joyner-Kersee's baby picture? Check.
Bill Walton's shin splints? Check.
Rosa Mota dominates the Boston Marathon? Check.
All of the Phoenix Suns are on drugs? Check.

And most of all, at least among the non-Brewers stories, the cover teaser "Hockey's 6-Hour Thriller." The Caps and Islanders played well into the fourth overtime of an opening round NHL playoff game that was finally ended by a goal from New York's Pat LaFontaine. I have to show a picture of this event, not of the game, but of a family who stayed for the whole thing. This image has been seared into my brain for more than twenty-two years.

While most might say it was the husband's idea to stay until this game's bitter end, I'd be willing to bet it was the wife's call to hang around the Capital Centre long after their children's bedtime. She probably didn't even want to go, but made the family stay as a way of holding a grudge. At least in my mind she did.

I could really do a whole article on this issue, but I have other things to do tonight.

*Don sent along two SASEs. Excellent idea. You can generally fit the weight of two cards and a top loader in a first class tamped envelope, so I'm happy he sent enough postage for all three.

*I already have the Prince card. It's a cool card, though, but I'm not sure why UD decided to depict the slugger as if he were wearing eye makeup. Every time I see one of his cards from this set, it reminds me of Bill Murray. Maybe I'm thinking of him from Ed Wood...

...or perhaps it's his heavy makeup he was forced to wear in the Suntory commercials in Lost in Translation. Oh well. After getting that magazine, though, I have nothing to complain about.

Any guesses on the DVD liners? Leave 'em here.

Oh, and there's plenty of cards left if you want to Trade My Anything!


RoofGod said...

I gotta believe that Verlander plays for a team of pussycats you gave him the not as bad as one would think remake of a cheesy 70's cartoon for a backround. The propaganda card got Do The Right Thing I assume because they both feature New York prominently or is it because of Spike Lee the ultimate pusher of propaganda out there.

Thorzul said...

You got half of it right. There was the Tigers/Pussycats connection for Verlander.

The other was the Wright/Right homophone.