Saturday, November 21, 2009

Trade Me Anything! III: Trade #10

Well, somehow I escaped a visit from Anton Chigurh with my life, so now it's time to see what else somebody traded me. This next one comes from Fabian in California.

Giving: 2009 Topps updates & Highlights #UH89 Phil Hughes, Topps Town Blue #TTT64 Jorge Posada and #TTT51 Mariano Rivera

Getting. A messload of Brewers. I'll take the time to show you my three favorites: 2001 Upper Deck Decade #51 Don Money, 1998 Upper Deck Collector's Choice #404 John Jaha, and 2001 Fleer Ultra #45 Jeromy Burnitz

*Any Don Money card is automatically awesome. He could probably have played third base for any team at any point in history, yet he spent a really long time in Milwaukee. (Okay, maybe not the 1980s Orioles.) Plus, he looked a lot like my dad.

See? Shave the mustache, and my dad would have been playing in the infield right next to Robin Yount. (And yes, that is me. That picture was taken at the Milwaukee County Zoo at some point in the very early '80s.)

*John Jaha is swinging a sledgehammer. A fucking sledgehammer.

*No Fielders, no Brauns, and a Yount I already have several copies of. Those Brewers between like 1994 and 2006 are just a black hole of failure. I just can't bring myself to show them to you. We sucked then, and I never want to go back. Thank God we can always count on those Pittsburgh Pirates to rescue us from last place.


Fabian said...

I knew you were going to like that Jaha card with the sledgehammer! I'm sorry about not sending any Fielders or Brauns , but I just got back into the hobby & I don't think I have any of their cards yet...You're on my radar & I'll hook you up as I come across them.

Thorzul said...

No problem. The minuses comments are just there for artistic effect. There really aren't any negatives to the stuff anyone sends. It's all in good fun.