Sunday, November 22, 2009

Trade Me Anything! III: Trade #11

A package bearing a return address sticker featuring a polar bear and her cub showed up on my doorstep. These were signals that the trade from the madguru had arrived at last. The contents included a little bit of everything. Let's peer inside.

Giving: 2009 Topps Updates & Highlights Propaganda #PP1 Adam Dunn

Getting: A bunch of 1981 Topps... autographed 1991 Fleer #577 Greg Brock... empty box of ShurFine stuffing mix...

...a postcard of County Stadium depicting the 1957 World Series...

...and the book Waiting Game, by Debra Heimerdinger and John Krich

*One more card for the autograph section of my Brewers binder.

*That County Stadium card is damn cool. At first glance, I thought it was a photograph, but it's actually a painting called "County Stadium Classic" by Andy Jurinko. Game 5 of the Series was chosen as the subject matter, the last time the World Series visited my town. Will it return to "Bushville" again? Only time will tell.

*Waiting Game is an oddity, yet strangely fascinating. The cover picture pretty much sums up the inner contents. This bit of photojournalism, published in 1982, concerns everything about baseball but the game itself. By focusing on the minutiae of the game, the photographer creates a sense of clinical detachment. With shots of empty stadiums, piles of equipment, and lollygagging players, we get a look at baseball as if it were invented by Alain Resnais, not Abner Doubleday. Baseball as metaphysical crisis. Chilling.

*That stuffing looks delicious, but there's none left for me. Alas, four more days of waiting.

*I already had all of the 1981 Topps cards. That set is complete, as of about two years ago. Just a reminder to people that everything listed by year in the sidebar is for trade or for sale. I spent the better part of the year cataloguing my unwanted cards, so hit me up if there's something you need. Cards I am looking for to complete sets are listed under "Wants and Needs." Madguru realized his mistake soon after sending the cards. Eh, shtuff happens.

Solve the background riddle, anyone?


SpastikMooss said...

Dunn's nickname is Donkey!

BTW, do you own all of the movies that you display with cards? If so, impressive collection good sir.

Thorzul said...

Yes, all of the scans are from DVDs in my collection. This blog may focus on cards, but they're really a secondary hobby. I suppose that owning Julien Donkey-Boy automatically puts one in the "I have too many movies" category.

The Wife said...

Over 1200 DVDs in his collection....I've counted. Now bluerays are showing up in the house as well...

SpastikMooss said...

hahaha wow. I have like 250 movies and people always say that's a lot. So I'm definitely impressed.