Monday, November 23, 2009

Trade Me Anything! III: Trade #12

This one comes from everybody's favorite Oregon-based Cardinals fan, madding. I expect nothing less than an honest, straight-up trade that benefits both traders equally.

Giving: 2009 Topps Turkey Red #TR123 Roy Halladay

Getting: A pristine, uncut panel of cards from a 1990 issue of Topps Magazine, featuring #TM12 Robin Yount (along with Bo Jackson, Nolan Ryan, Will Clark, and on the back Joe Morgan, Jim Palmer, Ben McDonald, and John Olerud)...

...and a Bausch & Lomb Pre-Moistened Lens Cleaning Tissue

*A Robin Yount card I don't have?!?! My goodness! Believe me, I checked through my Yount binders looking for this thing. It seems a normal enough oddball card (if there is such a thing), but for some reason I've never managed to acquire it. In any form, torn or not. Until now. Nicely done, madding. I stand and applaud thee.

*I do wear glasses when distance viewing becomes necessary.

*I cannot think of a single negative thing to say about this trade. Trading blind is sometimes the best way.

(Editor's Note: The research department here at Thorzul Will Rule knew very little about Roy Halladay, but managed to find the perfect movie with which to provide a backdrop for his card. Kudos to our crack fact-finding team! Can you figure it out?)


RoofGod said...

Halladay....Holiday. I hope that the name is the only connection between the two because if Halladay has contracted TB it would be a compete waste of a pitcher.

FanOfReds said...

Nickname Doc for each!

night owl said...

You huckleberries got to it before me!

Kevin said...

Tombstone is one of the bad-assest (that's right, I said it) movies there ever was. But my ex-roommate always insisted that Roy Halladay resembled Hans Klopek from The Burbs.

Thorzul said...

You are all corrrect, but Kevin wins the no-prize for comment of the week and best conjugation of a superlative.