Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Trade Me Anything! III: Trade #14

Perhaps you remember a week ago, I was traded little more than a self-addressed stamped envelope. Like Dr. Samuel Beckett (once he stepped into the Quantum Leap accelarator -- and vanished) who tried to put right what once went wrong, so has BigD made trading amends.

Giving: 2009 Topps Updates & Highlights Topps Town Blue #TTT68 Michael Young, #TTT75 Alexei Ramirez, and Topps Town Gold #FCTTT75 Alexei Ramirez

Getting: A whole bunch of random oddballs and Wisconsin-centered cards. Here are my favorites from the lot:
2008 Topps Chrome #209 Fernando Hernandez and Xfractor #203 Gregor Blanco

2009 Score #324 Clay Matthews

1989 Topps #373 Don Majkowski

1992 Skybox #365 Bucks Team Card

1993-94 Topps Stadium Club #223 Frank Brickowski

And a Spider-Man sticker

*Not too long ago, my wife told me about philosophical stance Oprah likes to take called "The Secret" wherein you just "put things out into the universe" and hopefully they come to pass. I swear on my mother's life that I had not yet opened this trade package until I had finished writing yesterday's post in which I pined away for a card of a slow big white guy on the Bucks, namely Frank Brickowski. That's pretty eerie if you ask me. There was also a card of Brad Lohaus, the Bucks' 7-footer who exclusively shot 3-pointers.

*Clay Matthews has had a great rookie season. I guess you just can't teach pedigree. He's everything A.J. Hawk is not.

*Two cards closer to that 2008 Topps Chrome set. Man, that thing looks great in a binder! Here's to fewer empty pockets.

*I'm really getting tired of those gum disease cards. I'm not showing it here, but there was one in the package. Those things get passed around more than a 10-foot doobie. Who's to blame for this? Identify yourself!

*While I really dig the sticker, DC kicks Marvel's ass.

Thanks, BigD, your cards are on their way!

And sorry to go so scholarly on you guys with the second background DVD. I'm guessing outside of myself, only members of the American Society of Cinematographers own that one. Yo Soy Cuba.


Anonymous said...

Clay Matthews Jr. is some player. I don't think he started at USC until his senior year and he was a walkon. The 2008 Topps Chrome set does look great in a binder, that design really worked with chrome

Tony Brown said...

To coin a weak 70's phrase - Make mine Marvel.
Marvel has much more depth. DC's Vertigo line is great, but other than Batman and Nightwing, what has the main universe got?

BigD said...

Glad you liked what I sent, even if I didn't follow the rules. Hope this gets my cred back on track.