Sunday, November 29, 2009

Trade Me Anything! III: Trade #16

Another day, another trade. This one came from Jason in Kentucky. He sent a rather girthy plain white envelope (personally, my favorite way to send and receive cards, no offense to the S.O.B.'s down at the padded manilla envelope factory) that looked about to burst if I didn't open it immediately.

Giving: 2009 Topps Updates & Highlights Topps Town Blue #TTT57 Joey Votto

Getting: Three packs of 1988 Topps Baseball Yearbook Stickers

*Well thought-out trade. I am, after all, the king of all things sticker. (At least I held that title in the years 1986-1987.)

*The stickers were infinitely more collectable in 1988 than previous offerings. I opened up one pack to check the cards/sticks out, and here's what I got:
Fronts: 162 Willie Randolph All-Star, 274 Kent Hrbek, 68/177 Orel Hershiser/Dick Schofield, 7/276 Nolan Ryan/Bert Blyleven, 92/246 Bob Brenly/Sam Horn

Backs: 8 Mike Schmidt, 17 Jeffrey Leonard, 54 Dave Winfield, 16 Tony Gwynn, 21 Darryl Strawberry

*The gum was not at its freshest.

(Editor's Note: The connection between the Joey Votto card and the DVD background is a tenuous one at best. If you can figure it out, give yourself a pat on the back.)

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