Thursday, November 12, 2009

Trade Me Anything! III: Trade #2

Tonight's post is going to get a little blue, so any of you with small children might want to take a page from Vince Vaughn's "Earmuffs" book while reading this. On second thought, since this is a written post and not a podcast, you may want to change that to "Eyemuffs."

The next trade came from Matt from Massachusetts.
It was real.
And it was spectacular.

Giving: 2009 Topps Updates & Highlights Propaganda #PP9 Dustin Pedroia (I erroneously reported that Don form the last trade got this card. Don emailed me in the nick of time and prevented it from going to him and not Matt. Don is a stand-up guy, and he even offered to pass the card along to its rightful owner if it got misrouted to him. Luckily, as Thorzul found out at a locked post office door, Wednesday was a mail holiday. Cataclysm averted.)

Getting: (Take a deep breath, folks...)
2000 Fleer Club 300 Robin Yount

Cracker Jack Prize (Yo-yo-centric in nature)

Bob Clark Rear View Mirror Adornment (Constructed from two 1986 Topps cards and a length of floss.)

Movie Review for The Rules of Attraction

Playboy Subscription Card From 1975

Cheerios Coupon to Save 70 Cents (Expired 7/26/99)

1982 Donruss Baseball Wrapper

Chinese Cookie Fortune

Immortal Soul of Elizabeth Rose McDonnell, Age 8

One Copy of the Least Essential Known Album

This was all accompanied with a list that appeared to be typed on a Brother.

*Way to go on the anything. I like getting cards, but I like getting random stuff even more. Nothing excites me more than doing something during the day I had no idea I would be doing when I woke up in the morning. If this is that something, I'll take it.

*That being said, the Donruss wrapper is my favorite thing. The Ruth puzzle piece is classic. Imagine what it was like for guys named "Hal Fam" during the summer of '82. One minute, you're cutting grass for the county parks department, then BOOM, Donruss releases its cards in wrappers bearing your name, and the next thing you know, you're up to your neck in pussy.

*Frosted Cheerios are the shit. Should time travel ever come to pass, you know what's first on my to-do list.

*I now own the soul of an eight-year-old. Pretty nice thing to have, but I'm going to treat it like a life insurance policy: Leave it alone and cash in a long time from now. I'm hoping little Elizabeth becomes a tennis pro. This would entitle me to half of her prize winnings. There was no tangible contract for the transaction of said soul, so I'm guessing it was a blood oath.

*The Yount, I've got. Goes without saying, really. But never stop sending me his stuff, people.

*That Playboy subscription card is probably no longer valid. Now I'll never know what the pubic hair trends of 1975 were like. I'm going to go out on a limb and say "massive."

*The cookie fortune does not have my lucky number on the back. Therefore it goes into the garbage.

Anything means anything, emmer effers. Keep filling my mailbox that has an ugly ass fleur de lys on it. Damn, I need to get that thing changed.


Brian said...

Ok, that is one random pack.

Mad Guru said...

The Bob Clark rear view mirror thing is genius. And just in time for the holiday giving season, too. It won't be on anybody's lists but they'll be getting.