Friday, November 13, 2009

Trade Me Anything! III: Trade #3

The next trade to arrive came from within the friendly confines of Milwaukee proper from a guy named Matt. Check it out.

Giving: We had originally bargained for a Jason Bay Turkey Red card, but a note came with the trade. "You can give the Bay to someone else -- I had enough fun ripping Big Z in two." What could he possible mean? Keep reading.

A bunch of Cubs cards in various states of disrepair. Now it all makes sense.

A trio of cool '80s Brewers cards, including one of the very first Rob Deer-as-a-Brewer cards from 1986 Fleer Update.

Some other guys who were part of the Brewers organization for varying amounts of time.

Some random cards of guys with little connection to the Brewers, including a Randy Moss Topps Heritage card.

A quintet of 2009 U&H I needed from my want list.

A 1985 Police card of Brian Giles

*That Giles is my favorite of the bunch. The '85 Police cards had bold, crisp photography and used on of my favorite fonts, Arial and Arial Bold. I'd like to think that one of the Brian Gileses is the evil version of the other. This suspicion would be totally and incontrovertibly confirmed if the black '80s version of Brian Giles also had a younger, somewhat less successful younger brother. Sounds like the plot to a Twilight Zone episode that I should write.

*Both Vuckovich and Manning are sporting the lovely hairstyle I'm naming "The Hal Foster." It's a variation on the mullet that boasts "Prince Valiant in the front, party in the back."

*I didn't know what to think of the Topps sweatshirt filler card until I turned it over. Check it.
It kind of hurts me to know how close this came to actually being redeemed. Huddling up in front of a crackling fire in one of those is looking pretty good right about now.

*I'm kind of over the Cubs bashing thing. I guess I've kind of realized that if they were to ever enjoy any sort of real success, it would strip the franchise of its identity as losers, and that wouldn't be good for baseball as a whole. It also dawned upon me that the Brewers are still the only NL Central team in the last three seasons to win a single playoff game. Perhaps I've softened over time.

*This trade package never really made it to my mailbox. Instead I got a Postage Due notice. Damn. I had to drive to the post office in one of the seedier parts of town in order to pick up this massive package that was short 68 cents in postage. A man in his 60s tried to sell me candy from across a busy street by shouting "Candy man!" I'm hoping it really was just candy, because in that short time he was able to convince a young mother dragging a toddler along with her to purchase some of his wares. The majority of Milwaukee is just one depressing hole that most people try to steer clear of.

Thanks for the "trade," Matt.

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Matt said...

Wow, I really spazzed on the postage. I suppose then it would be too much to ask you to drop that sweepstakes cards in the mail? I keep putting that off...