Saturday, November 14, 2009

Trade Me Anything! III: Trade #4

This morning's trade comes from thesewingmachineguy in Michigan. If you recall, he was the winner of the Trade and Win contest earlier this summer/fall, and he took home a sweet Robin Yount autographed jersey card. Let's see what he sent from across Lake Michigan.

Giving: 2009 Topps Updates & Highlights #UH49 Edwin Jackson, Topps Town Blue #TTT59 Justin Verlander, Topps Town Gold #FCTTT59 Justin Verlander, and Propaganda #PP22 Miguel Cabrera

Getting: 1990 Fleer Brewers Sticker

1992 Collector's Edge #51 Sterling Sharpe (S#044155)

1989 Sportflics #111 Rob Deer

Singer Sewing Machine Patch

Sewing Machine Repair Service 7-Point Tune-Up Coupon

*That's a really nice Sterling Sharpe card from back in the day. I'm guessing Collector's Edge was out of my price range back then, so I'm not really getting the backing adhesive paper it came with. Was this attached to the card in the pack, or was it a DIY type of thing? Great stuff either way.

*Patch trade, Woo-WOO! Actually, if I ever get into the custom card making mode, this might come in handy for a special insert. It reminds me of the soccer patches I used to receive for taking part in tournaments all over the country. I think the trend started switching to bag tags just as I was finishing up my youth soccer experience. Definitely not as cool. Perhaps I'll show off my patches some time.

*Those 1990 Fleer stickers are ubiquitous to the point of ridiculousness in my house. I bought way too much of that stuff when it came out and in the years since, but I could never bear to throw any of them away. Seeing this sticker triggers collector's regret.

*I have no way of redeeming that coupon. There is no sewing machine anywhere on the premises.

Good stuff, and enjoy those Tigers (possibly my favorite AL team).

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