Thursday, November 19, 2009

Trade Me Anything! III: Trade #9

Pat from Virginia sent the latest trade. He's a smart guy, because he reads the blog, and he uses the want lists as a reference for trades.

Giving: 2009 Topps Updates & Highlights #TTT72 Jacoby Ellsbury Topps Town Blue

Getting: A couple of 1992 Upper Deck cards...

...a bunch of 2008 Upper Deck Heroes charcoal parallels...

...three 2008 Topps Chrome Xfractors...

...and a mess of Brewers

*Knocking out big chunks of my want list is always a huge positive.

*Double pluses for trading me retail-only parallels that I am dumb enough to try to complete.

*The Prince Generation Now cards made me reminisce about the chase after that set.

*Got all the Brewers he sent.

*In weak moment, I bought the Luke Scott card on eBay a couple of days ago. Rats!

*I am now one card closer to finishing my 1992 Upper Deck set. I wish I were completely done, but Pat sent me #77 Carlos Rodriguez, while the card I actually need is #75. I know what you're thinking: Will it take me 17 calendar years to finish that set, or will it be 18? Do I feel lucky? Well, do ya, punk?

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SpastikMooss said...

I totally have 1992 Upper Deck my parent's house. Whenever I get those cards moved 5 states over, it's yours.