Tuesday, December 1, 2009

2009 Card-vent Calendar: December 1

The patience you people have shown has been astonishing. Yesterday I promised you the long-awaited return of the Card-vent Calendar, and what do I stick you with this morning but a shameless plea for you to do the dirty work of collecting for me. Despicable on my part, if you ask me. All I can do to make up for it is promise that this will be the best Card-vent ever. Like Trade Me Anything!, this is the third incarnation of this event. I can't believe this blog is still around. My original intent had little to nothing to do with cards, yet here I am, touting "Third Annual" events like I'm some sort of charity golf tournament.

If you weren't around for the first two Card-vent Calendars, here's the barebones description. Every December, I purchase a very special Advent calendar that, in lieu of chocolate, contains all sorts of great cards behind those darling cardboard doors. It's like the world's greatest pack of cards, except I am only allowed to open one card at a time for the duration of the 24 days. Much rejoicing ensues.

At last, 341 days after opening the last door from last year, we are ready for this year's big kick-off. I, for one, am pumped.

December 1, 2009:
2005 Upper Deck Classics #34 Frank Howard

Well, gal-durn, I thought I was excited for Card-vent to begin. Big ol' Frank Howard is pumping his fist in the patented Kevin McAllister "Yes!" gesture that captivated audiences back in 1990. To top it off, he brought out his good Sunday afternoon glasses so as to view the rest of the calendar with crystal clarity. If this card is a sign of things to come, we're in for a wild and bumpy ride.

For a walk down Memory Lane, here are the calendars from previous years:

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night owl said...

You couldn't have started it off in a more awesome fashion.