Saturday, December 19, 2009

2009 Card-vent Calendar: December 19

December 19, 2009:
1989 Collegiate Collection #194 N.C. State Cheerleaders

It's really hard to get that into college basketball during the month of December, but perhaps this card will inspire someone to hunker down today and watch six or seven hours of basketball that they really have no rooting interest in at all. Not me, of course, but maybe somebody out there.

Whatever you decide to do today, make sure you have cold, refreshing Coca-Cola Classic by your side. I don't exactly know what compelled me to make that statement, it's just a feeling I have.

North Carolina State cheerleading, according to the back of this card, placed in the top four at the National Championships each year between 1983 and 1989, taking first in 1986. Believe it or not, Dereck Whittenburg is one of the male cheerleaders on this card. The miracle of photography makes it look as if that girl has been suspended in mid-air for the past twenty years, but she is actually safely on her way to the waiting arms of Lorenzo Charles, who will catch and dunk her.

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