Wednesday, December 2, 2009

2009 Card-vent Calendar: December 2

December 2, 2009:
1991 Donruss Studio #163 Rob Dibble

You've got to hand it to the guy; a lot of players half-ass those studio card sessions, but at some point in the late fall of 1990, Rob Dibble, giddy from the high of a Cincinnati Reds World Series victory, went whole-hog on the good people over at Donruss/Leaf. I think it's refreshing to see one of the "Nasty Boys" show a rarely-seen side of himself. To most of the non-card-collecting world, Dibble is all head-seeking fastballs and locker room punches, but to those in the know he is all about helping old ladies across the street and paying a little extra on parking tickets for the meter maid's public service.

The American flag pin in the center of his cap's "C" really ties the whole photo session together. Rumor has it that Rob is one of the world's foremost collectors of Anne Geddes memorabilia, including original camera negatives and limited-edition signed and numbered prints.

Kind of weird, this year is starting out with smiley baseball players. I can't wait to open tomorrow's door to see if the trend continues.

While you at it, check out this hilarious article. Honestly, it took me a few paragraphs to fully realize it was a satire. The spirit of Christmas is now fully upon us.


shanediaz82 said...

Man, that Dibble article was gold.

Doc said...

I have two of those 91 Studio Dibbles up for trade and one of the 92 Studio with the sunglasses.

BTW, I've already started on my Halloween entry... :-)