Thursday, December 24, 2009

2009 Card-vent Calendar: December 24

December 24, 2009:
2005 Upper Deck Reflections Cut From the Same Cloth Paul Molitor/Robin Yount Dual Game-Worn Stripe #CC-MY (137/225)

Every Christmas, my brother and sister and I got to open one present on December 24th. It was usually after we got home from church, the one night of the year when we wanted so badly to go to bed so the next morning would finally arrive. I was always a little happy to get one of the less-desirable presents on these Christmas Eves, since it meant a bigger build-up to tomorrow's main event. Perhaps a small Legos kit, maybe a book, just anything that I didn't have to devote two hours to in order to fully enjoy.

Today's card fits right in with that tradition. A great card by any objective measure, but something that won't keep me up at night. I may listen for those reindeer hooves for a few minutes tonight, but I'll soon drift off and somberly slide into December 25th.

Merry Christmas, and tomorrow... a savior.


Dinged Corners said...

That card is mindbending and a perfect Eve choice. Merry Christmas and thanks for maintaining this insanely great blog.

madding said...

I think you might be selling that card short. That's a great looking card and I don't even like the Brewers. Well, okay, I don't mind the AL Brewers as much as I do the new-fangled NL Central ones.