Friday, December 11, 2009

CC: Patience is a Virtue

2009 Upper Deck Goudey 4-in-1 CC Sabathia (w/Santana, Hamels, Kazmir) Black Frame #35-32 (10/21)

This one I didn't get any help on. Goudey was one of the earlier releases on the 2009 calendar, and I finally got my grubby little hands on it. This was the other card in my "Cry For Help" post. SpastikMooss (the guy who helped me find the Tony Parker card) had a beat on a card forum that a guy had pulled and posted one this spring. I was able to get a hold of him, but he told me he had sold it months ago.

So, it was back to the daily grind, entering the same search parameters and keeping my fingers crossed. I got lucky enough on Tuesday night to have found the card being offered for a couple of bucks "Buy It Now"-style just a few hours after it had been put up for sale. To top it off, the seller was located in Burlington, Wisconsin, so it got here in two days.

At this point, my Sabathia quest is almost over. I still have to chase down several of the 2008 Documentary cards on which he is featured, but after that, there's not much else. He has some awesome jumbo patch cards in Topps Unique that include all sorts of chopped up Brewers insignia, but so far I haven't been able to snag one of those. All in all, I'm happy to have found one of the really tough cards I needed to make this project that much more complete.


SpastikMooss said...

Nicely done Thorzul!

Anonymous said...

Keep posting stuff like this i really like it