Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Five-Fiddy Group Break: AL East

Ahhh, the American League East... let's get the old World Wide Web fired up and check just who's in this under-the-radar division.

OK, it looks like the Blue Jaze are part of this group. No one cheers for them. Too bad, there was a jumbo Roger Clemens card in that lot.

And the Rays are in this division, too? Hell, you learn something every day.

Some of the teams were picked, however. Apparently a couple of them have a somewhat sizable following. And the most championships by a single franchise. Here we go. Inserts-a-plenty.

Team: Baltimore Orioles
Buyer: Kevin
Favorite Card: 1998 Collector's Choice Bobblehead #6 Cal Ripken, Jr.

Thoughts: I told you there was another one of these on its way. Wanna know how to be the star of your school, workplace, place of worship, etc.? Put one of these suckers in your general area. Iron Man awesomeness!

Team: Boston Red Sox
Buyer: packaddict
Favorite Card: 1997 Upper Deck Star Attractions Die-Cut #SA 20 Mo Vaughn

Thoughts: What happened to this dude's career? One minute, he was a bigger monster than that fabled left field wall. The next minute, he's gone like Verbal Kint. I think I know what may have caused the disappearance: As late-1990s die-cut technology kept chipping away at an increasingly greater portion of cards, so hastened the dissipation of Vaughn's ballplaying skills. Far-fetched, but not completely out of the realm of possibility.

Team: New York Yankees
Buyer: Heartbreaking Cards
Favorite Card: 1999 Upper Deck MVP Super Tools #T4 Derek Jeter

Thoughts: Come on, Upper Deck... naming a Jeter card "Super Tools" is leaving a big, juicy curveball hanging right over the plate. Actually, I'll just step away from this one quietly, refraining to lower myself to that level. I really have nothing against Jeter. In fact, he was actually kind of funny when he hosted SNL that one time, especially the skit in which he had a perm he was really proud of. Lots of nice Yankees in this lot. I'm surprised they remained unclaimed for so long.

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For some reason we couldn't leave a comment on Dec. 16 Card-vent...that album with the bear is beautiful. Typically great Thorzulean post.