Sunday, December 20, 2009

Five-Fiddy Group Break: AL West

It's time to finish up this campaign, so it's on to the AL West. One of the teams in the West truly was the best.

Team: A's
Buyer: Motherscratcher
Favorite Card: 2006 Fleer Tradition #28 Rich Harden

Thoughts: Ummmm, pretty colors? I loved that Tradition set and built the whole thing, but those A's always seem to strike out in these breaks. I couldn't even scan the card straight. Good grief.

Team: Rangers
Buyer: Play at the Plate
Favorite Card: 2002 Upper Deck Piece of History #21 Rafael Palmeiro

Thoughts: This set had the potential to be better than it was. The fronts of the cards are great, if only a little busy. Flip the card over... BAM... exactly the same. You really would need Raffy's Viagra to get very excited about this set. Some decent Rangers were found.

Team: Angels
Buyer: RWH
Favorite Card: 1995 Pinnacle #286 Tim Salmon Swing Men

Thoughts: It was hard for be to get a beat on whether this was a good lot or not. The Angels are always right there at the top, but they don't really have any hobby superstars. Sure, there were a few Guerreros, but starting off in Montreal really seemed to hurt his collectability. Thus, you get the acid freak-out Tim Salmon.

Team: Mariners
Buyer: SpastikMooss
Favorite Card: (Tie) 1999 Upper Deck MVP ProSign #SM Shane Monahan AUTO and 1999 Topps Stadium Club Chrome #SCC20 Ken Griffey, Jr.

Thoughts: The Mariners were truly the star team of this break, as might be expected considering the era. The single autograph that got pulled was not a star, but was the toughest pull of the set (1:216 according to the wrappers). The last stuff I opened was the Stadium Club, and I have to admit I felt a little bad that the single Chrome that came out of that box was a Griffey. I had hoped I could spread the wealth around a little, but that's how it goes. There were also plenty of A-Rod and Griffey inserts and base cards, less than half of which are shown below. Best team by a mile.

Keep an eye out for a new cheapo group break coming very soon. I am going to tinker with the format a little, so hopefully I can get rid of all of the cards. I have a feeling it might be a race to get the Mariners. (No calling shotgun unless the car is within sight, if you know what I mean.)


SpastikMooss said...

Ooo, good Mariners as expected! Maybe you should institute a "once you pick Mariners you can't have them again until everyone gets a chance" rule. Whether you do or not, I will enjoy my chrom-y/auto-ness, and could definitely be into future $5.50 breaks! Thanks dude!

Play at the Plate said...

Thanks for doing the cheap-o break!

madding said...

The Cardinals were awful from 1990-1995 and pretty much an awful team to collect throughout the '90s, but it doesn't stop me from going after their mid-to-late '90s stuff since... well... I don't have a lot of it.