Sunday, December 13, 2009

Five-Fiddy Group Break: NL Central

The group break leaves the Pacific coast today, and comes home to the Midwest. That's right, it's baseball's largest division, the NL Central.

The Astros have a lot of fans around the country, but nobody wanted them. The Pirates have a small, neighborhood, underground, basement-based, paper bag-headed, shy following, so logically, nobody picked them. The Reds... well... nobody wanted them either. Whatever. Check it out.

Team: St. Louis Cardinals
Buyer: madding
Favorite Card: 2004 Upper Deck Power Up Shining Through #ST-14 Albert Pujols

Thoughts: This choice was made in accordance with the maxim that any Albert Pujols insert card is a good card. Lots of pink (which didn't show up in the scan), but still good.

Team: Cubs
Buyer: Mike
Favorite Card: 2004 Upper Deck Power Up #61 Sammy Sosa

Thoughts: Sorry to dip into the same well again, but I had to point out that Sammy was the only player in the set whose head was not artificially enlarged for his card.

Team: Brewers
Buyer: Thorzul
Favorite Card: 1990 Upper Deck #178 Mike Felder

Thoughts: The Brewers were a real garbage dump for this break. Lots of Marquis Grissom and Ben McDonald. I chose the Felder because I've been waiting for that bubble to burst for almost 20 years. Maybe today's the day. Maybe tomorrow. Who knows? I think I might have to day a day off next week so I don't miss it happening.

Next up: NL East


Anthony K. said...

Uh, yeah, if you decide you need to move those Astros (and any other Astros you got laying around), please let me know.

I have some Brewers hostage and Robin Yount won't shut up.


madding said...

Nice. The Pujols card definitely qualifies for Cards With Weird Bat Poses, something I just made up right now.