Monday, December 14, 2009

Five-Fiddy Group Break: NL East

The unloved teams for this division were the Marlins and the Mets. Empirical evidence suggests that neither of these two teams have a single fan. The three remaining teams have at least one fan apiece

Team: Nationals/Expos
Buyer: Mad Guru
Favorite Card: 2004 Upper Deck Power Up Sticker #PU-62 Jose Vidro

Thoughts: When people enter these breaks, they're usually Nationals fans, and they let the Expos come along for the ride. I hope the opposite is true in this case. I've got my fingers crossed that Mad Guru is a torch-carrying, Quebec-separatist, Dennis Martinez-worshiping Expos fan. I'm guessing probably not, which is too bad, since the years of these cards were not right for pulling Nats cards. In fact, I got none at all, just a bunch of 'spos. There was a nice Vladdy in the lot, but not much else, so we get a fun sticker to stare at in awe.

I said, stare!

More awe! That's better.

Team: Phillies
Buyer: Phungo
Favorite Card: 2004 Upper Deck Power Up Orange #80 Kevin Millwood

Thoughts: There weren't a ton of Phillies cards in these boxes, so I thought, why not go with more fluorescent orange. You don't get to see that color a lot on cards, and now I can see why. (Dang it, why do these Power Up cards scan so badly?) I also now know that Millwood's favorite movie is The Green Mile.

Team: Braves
Buyer: dayf
Favorite Card: 2004 Leaf Second Edition (SOMETHING?!?!)

Thoughts: I don't even know how to properly address this card. It came out of the sole pack of 2004 Leaf Second Edition I got for the break. The back is mostly blank except for the number 10, some corporate logos and disclaimers, and the words "Checklist Legend Code: 1947-66PSIG"

I have no idea what this means. I looked it up on Beckett's shop (which I use for cataloguing purposes), and this is what came up. It must be one of those, right? But all of the cards listed with 1947-66 in their title are supposed to be serially numbered. So confused. Perhaps dayf has a little more insight into this card's origin.

The Braves were probably the second-best team to pick for this break, so I also need to show another card he's getting: 1998 Upper Deck Tape Measure Titans #22 Andruw Jones (2564/2667). This came in the weird tin of cards.

We're going front to back, back to front, so up next is the AL East.


deal said...

7 years later and Kevin Millwood is still the last pitcher to start on opening day following an 18 W season.

What kind of goofy stat is that anyway?

Thanks for running the break - These are always among my favorites.

dayf said...

Cool, I remember buying one of those tins back in the late nineties now and pulling a Fred McGriff numbered tape measure card. Was the Andruw just floating around loose in the tin? My Crime Dog was and I got a nice big ding on a corner.

The Chipper card I'll have to do a post to explain it properly since the story is so convoluted. Long story short, Leaf Second Edition is the retail version of '04 Leaf, and this blue, un-serial numbered card is the retail version of the Exhibits insert set. That's the 1944-1966 Exhibit player signature design version of that card. Remind me to do a proper post on these bloody things once the holidays are over.

madding said...

They have a bunch of those mystery cards at a card shop in the area and I've never understood them. They kinda look like they're bootlegs.

Mad Guru said...

I knew what I was doing given the era. I am an Expos fan.