Saturday, December 12, 2009

Five-Fiddy Group Break: NL West

I'm acting according to the whims of the comment board, so I'll start things off by revealing the cards received by the teams in the National League West. To expedite matters, I'll just show off one card from each team, the one I consider to be my favorite. The rest are best left a surprise that will show up in your mailbox. After all, that's 90% of the fun of buying cards, right?

The NL West is sort of a wasteland when it comes to cards. Nobody ever, ever, ever claims the Diamondbacks or the Rockies in these breaks, so it looks like I'll be holding on to those. I'm surprised nobody claimed the Giants, what with the years of this break being right in the Bonds wheelhouse. I got a bunch of nice Bonds cards, including a few inserts. Too bad there isn't anybody who wants them.

That leaves us with the Padres and the Dodgers.

Team: San Diego Padres
Buyer: Rod
Favorite Card: 1999 Topps Stadium Club #126 Tony Gwynn

Thoughts: Gwynn is an all-round collectable stud. One man. One team. Huge numbers. HoF.
His career was winding down at this point, but he didn't let that developing belly prevent him from making a leaping catch at the wall. Great photo. I saw some 2008 blasters of Stadium Club at Target last night for $9.99, but I remember being so frustrated with that set that I passed them over. This Stadium Club issue, while not one of the classics, at least makes sense.

Team: Los Angeles Dodgers
Buyer: Night Owl
Favorite Card: 1998 Collector's Choice (Paper Doll?) #17 Mike Piazza

Thoughts: It's unbelievably difficult to circumvent the urge to pop this thing out and stand in on my TV or something. There was another one of these in the break, and I'm not going to tell you who it was yet, but he is a very similar player to Tony Gwynn. The Dodgers lot came with some interesting rookies and parallels, but nothing to write home about.

Up next: NL Central


night owl said...

Those "pop-out" cards make doubles a must: one to put in the binder and one to stand on your desk at work, to let everyone know that, yes, I care more about baseball cards than all of you dorks.

deal said...

Brilliant comment by NO. I wonder if that Gwynn card is from a couple of games the Padres played v The Cardinals in Hawaii or Japan one year. I can identify that field.

gcrl said...

mattr at a giants blog might want the bonds cards. maybe.

dayf said...

That's not a Paper Doll, that's a Bobblehead card. You pop out the head and perch it on the body and it bobbles around. '90s insert technology at it's FINEST. If that other Bobblehead is a Chippah, it will definitely be bob-bob-bobbling along on my desk at work.

Troy said...

I'll claim the Rockies if you still have them