Saturday, December 26, 2009

I Need Help (The Serious Variety)

Every once in a while, usually around Christmas, I try to pick up a box of junk wax. Not just any box, mind you, but one of a set that I began to collect back when my only funds for collecting came from paper route earnings and any allowance that happened to be thrown my way. While self-destructive, these endeavors take me back to a time when collecting happened at a glacial pace, a pack or two here or there, with a purchase of a box rarely crossing my mind. Judging from the pile of base cards and the few paged-in-plastic inserts I was able to scrounge up, I probably did buy a box of this stuff back in '93. This is a cry for help and a call to arms all rolled into one. Help me finish 1993 Fleer Football.

The needs:
56 Derrick Thomas (Chiefs)
63 Karl Mecklenburg (Broncos)
64 Chris Chandler (Cardinals)
65 Toi Cook (Saints)
72 Lomas Brown (Lions)
74 Mark Rypien (Redskins)
75 LeRoy Butler (Packers)
80 Richard Dent (Bears)
81 Roger Craig (Vikings)
82 Amp Lee (49ers)
83 Eric Green (Steelers)
332 Irving Fryar (Patriots)
333 Tyji Armstrong (Buccaneers)
334 Brad Baxter (Jets)
335 Shane Collins (Redskins)
342 Eric Davis (49ers)
343 Leslie O'Neal (Chargers)
344 Jim Morrissey (Bears)
345 Mike Munchak (Oilers)
346 Ron Hall (Buccaneers)
1 Steve Atwater
2 Rich Camarillo
3 Ray Childress
4 Chris Doleman
5 Barry Foster
6 Henry Jones
8 Nick Lowery
9 Wilber Marshall
11 Randall McDaniel
13 Sam Mills
14 Jay Novacek
15 Jerry Rice
18 Clyde Simmons
22 Richmond Webb
23 Steve Wisniewski
24 Rod Woodson
25 Steve Young

Look at those card numbers for the base set, will you?! Out of a 500-card set, isn't that grouping a little odd? To the lay person, yes, but this is the 1990s we're talking about here. Do you think collation was still a little bit of a problem then? Ya think?

Granted, this is an ugly, ugly set. Taking its design from Fleer baseball, it's clear that once Ultra came out, that's where almost all of Fleer's effort went. The only saving grace of this set is the All-Pro insert set. Clean design, reasonably solid checklist, and a tasteful use of gold foil stamping. (The weird nicknames on the back are a little contrived, however.) I was fortunate enough to have pulled the Emmitt Smith out of my box this time around, so I won't have to spend the few bucks to pick it up later.

There was also a Steve Young Performance Highlights insert set (inserted 1:27 packs). Also classy looking, but I think I'll try to snatch up the whole thing at once. The final insert I was able to get some of was the 1993 Prospects. These are junk, free of logos, and not a good collection of players. O.J. McDuffie, anyone?

So, if you've got any of these lying around that you need to get rid of, let me know.


AdamE said...

Dude I have a bunch of these. Problem is they are all sorted by player and team. If you have any idea who those are that you need i can probably at least put a dent in your needs. I know I have a couple of the Youngs I can find easily.

dayf said...

I have a bunch of this too, I'll see what I can dig up.

Thorzul said...

Alright, I changed the list to include players' names and teams. Hope this helps.