Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Assignment: Reach Out and Bip Someone

As the Card Collecting Community's resident educator, I have an extra credit assignment for all of you. Stemming from an unfortunate incident about a year-and-a-half ago, the phrase "getting Bipped" quickly fell into and then out of favor amongst collectors and fellow bloggers. In short, you got "Bipped" if you pulled two of the same card from a single pack, especially consecutively. It's time to bring it back.

Here are your instructions. To "Reach Out and Bip Someone," you need to find an especially large stack of the exact same card (anyone, really; It doesn't have to be Bip Roberts) and send them to another card blogger in an unsolicited fashion. Ideally, you will have at least five identical cards to send. The more, the better. To enhance this "Bipping," go ahead and enclose a poem, pun, limerick, or some other type of smart-ass note with the card. Thinking creatively on this assignment will enhance the effect of the "Bipping" and will exponentially increase the pleasure one can derive from it. Getting Bipped is not an act of humiliation, nor is it an act of canonization. You will probably not be lionized if you get Bipped, but you won't become a pariah, either. A successful Bipping is actually an amalgam of the two, a rite of passage that leaves no phyiscal scars.

Once you send out the cards to Bip someone, let me know the specifics immediately. Send me a message that tells me who you Bipped. My e-mail address is available in my user profile. I would advise you to choose someone with whom you have already traded or sent cards, so as to keep it (the Bipping) a surprise. If you find that you've been Bipped, post the goods. I will maintain a vigilant BIP-DAR (sort of like radar, but always on the lookout for Bips) and will assemble a real-time Bip data stream. Or maybe it will be more like a normal post, whichever is easier.

If you've got questions, let's hear 'em. Otherwise, get Bipping!

(Editor's Note: This assignment will successfully fulfill Thorzul's #5 resolution for 2010. Three undergraduate credits may be earned for participating, though these credits are not necessarily guaranteed to transfer to any specific accredited four-year university.)


PunkRockPaint said...

This Bipping may get me off my proverbial ass... Not really "proverbial." Literal ass? No. Just my ass. I cant wait to start Bipping!

the sewingmachineguy said...

As a kid, my dad bought me a 'grab-bag' of cards at a card show we were at. There were 17 identical Warren Cromartie cards in it. Fun. A grab-bag Bipping for sure.

William said...

Sounds like you got Gang-Bipped.


I've been waiting for this !

night owl said...

I was just looking at a Bip Roberts card today. ... There are no coincidences.