Sunday, January 17, 2010

Bipped Again! (or, "Honey, Pack My Razor, I Have a Score to Settle with a Man in Baltimore!")

As it turns out, Homo erectus had advanced past rudimentary tool usage and can apparently decode and encode sentiments through written language. Yes, I, too, was the recipient of one of Beardy's dreaded blue notes and accompanying Orioles cards. First Motherscratcher was bipped, now me.

I don't know about you, but perhaps the "punk ass Bip" part was a bit much. Of course, if your vocabulary had just formerly consisted of grunts, pointing, and shows of force, I suppose we should marvel at this sort of mastery of syntax and punctuation.

I got Bipped first with five 1987 Topps Eddie Murray cards...

...followed by six 1988 Donruss Murrays.

That's okay, since when I think of Murray, all I think of is this:

This isn't over, friend. Not by a damn sight.

1. dayf Bipped by Motherscratcher
2. Thorzul Bipped by Motherscratcher
3. Night Owl Bipped by Thoughts and Sox
4. Baseball Cards Come to Life! Bipped by SpastikMooss
5. Motherscratcher Bipped by Beardy
6. Thorzul Bipped by Beardy

If you, or someone you love, gets Bipped, do not hesitate to call 1-800-THORZUL. Operators are standing by.

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sruchris said...

So far the record is 12, right? :)