Saturday, January 23, 2010

Bipped, Bucked, and Sideways F--(Shut Your Mouth!)

Weather Report: Cloudy With a Chance of Bippings

The Bippings are pouring in from around the country. Here are some new ones.
We've got some Bo Knows Bipping at Autographed Cards, there was some Silver Spoon Bipping (Bush 41, Kennebunkport-style) of Heartbreaking Cards by Thoughts and Sox, another smaller scale Bipping by Thoughts and Sox, and Night Owl got Dontrell'd.

Not to be left out of the action, I was the victim of two more Bippings this week. The first was by the most prolific Bipper out there, Thoughts and Sox. We had arranged a trade that would help get me closer to finishing my 1993 Fleer Football set (thanks for that, by the way), and I got a little Eckstra in the deal:
That's seven Dennis Eckersley cards. It's odd, I never bought a pack of that stuff, yet I have TONS of the cards. Is it that small of a set? Do you get like 36 packs of cards in a box, 15 cards a pack like the old days for a 100-card set? I need to look into this.

Then, there was a mystery Bipping. I got Bipped..., make that BUCKED, by an unknown assailant. Check the grassy knoll. The only clue was a return address in FFX, VA. I have compiled a database of people I've oft traded with, but this address has not yet been entered. Enough mystery, let's see what was sent.

WOW, a full set of 1986 Star Milwaukee Bucks cards! Make that seven 13-card sets! Sponsored by Lifebuoy! This is a great Bipping!

I'm not going to show you all the cards, but here are my personal highlights.
#1 Don Nelson
He was the Bucks coach for quite some time. did you know that the Bucks won their division seven straight times from 1980 to 1986? If it weren't for the Celtics, Milwaukee would have probably had a couple more championships than their lone 1971 title. I just wish Nellie would have had a fish tie in this shot.

#2 Randy Breuer
Quintessential big slow white guy. In retrospect, I think I should have gone with Paul Mokeski, who would have also fit the bill. You can see him in the middle of the pile in the master shot above.

#6 Craig Hodges
That man could shoot the 3!

#12 Paul Pressey
When I was about eight years old, my mom took me to Warehouse Shoes where Paul Pressey was signing autographs. Actually, he was signing posters supplied by the shoe store. There was literally nobody in line, so I got up the courage to ask Paul if I could have another autographed poster for my friend. He was very nice and obliged my request. He will go down in history as one of the good guys.

If I haven't linked to your Bipping, please let me know so I can include your particular rite of passage.
1. dayf Bipped by Motherscratcher
2. Thorzul Bipped by Motherscratcher
3. Night Owl Bipped by Thoughts and Sox
4. Baseball Cards Come to Life! Bipped by SpastikMooss
5. Motherscratcher Bipped by Beardy
6. Thorzul Bipped by Beardy
7. A Cardboard Problem Bipped by ?????
8. Beardy Bipped by GCRL (But Beardy Dikembe Mutombo-ed the Bipping Back in His Face)
9. Thorzul Bipped by gritz76
10. Great Sports Name Hall of Fame Bipped by Sports Cards Come to Life
11. dayf Bipped by Thoughts and Sox
12. GCRL Bipped by Padrographs
13. Autographed Cards Bipped by Padrographs
14. Heartbreaking Cards Bipped by Thoughts and Sox
15. Cards on Cards Bipped by Thoughts and Sox
16. Night Owl Bipped by Wicked Ortega
17. Thorzul Bipped by Thoughts and Sox
18. Thorzul Bipped by ?????

If you, or someone you love, gets Bipped, do not hesitate to call 1-800-THORZUL. Operators are standing by.


dayf said...

I too was Bipped by the mystery man. I'll shed some light on the issue tonight after work.

Carl Crawford Cards said...

Bipped by sewingmachinguy, details here:

SpastikMooss said...

I emailed you a newer bipping. 28 Crime Dogs from Carl Crawford Cards:

dayf said...

*sob* (twitch) cry