Friday, January 1, 2010

Cards From Ike

Actual post date: 4/4/10

Earlier this week I got a nice little package from Ike's Cards as an unnecessary thank you for holding my latest group break. There was a large stack of Brewers inside, and here are some of the highlights.

A Brewers logo sticker from 2001 Topps. This will go somewhere prominent, since it's much nicer than the ubiquitous 1990-1991 Fleer logo stickers.

A 2010 Cards Your Mom Threw Out Robin Yount. I was actually counting on someone sending me this, and you didn't let me down. This is the version with the more common back design, and now my first 2010 Yount card. A new page in the binder, yes!

2010 Topps Craig Counsell Gold

A Goudey Gamel that I didn't have yet.

And some Prince Fielder cards that I also did not yet own. The 2007 Goudey green back will now sit aside the red back variation.

Thanks, Ike's cards, I hope you stick around for the next break.


IkesCards said...

Glad there were a few cards you could use. Just let us know when the next break is... we're in.

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