Monday, January 4, 2010

Cheapo Doubler Break: Cardinals, Rays

To show off some of what everyone's getting in the group break, I'll be taking a look at one participant at a time. Going down Group A list, it looks like we're starting with madding.

Teams: Cardinals, (Devil) Rays
Buyer: madding
Favorite Cards: 2007 Collector's Choice #440 Brian Jordan, 1999 Upper Deck MVP #197 Jose Canseco, #199 Wade Boggs, #198 Rolando Arrojo Silver Signature

Thoughts: It's a little odd seeing those '80s idols together on an upstart Tampa Bay team. The Arrojo saves the small lot from utter parallel/insert failure.

Over in the NL, Brian Jordan is sharing with a teammate a vivid description of something he saw hanging off of Gary Gaetti in the St. Louis shower room. Thumb and forefinger, indeed.

Since there were no hits for the Cardinals aside from some McGwire base, so madding is also getting a gold parallel card from 2008 Topps Updates & Highlights, #UH295 Aaron Miles (0040/2008). Hope this helps.

1 comment:

madding said...

I think I have about 10 copies of the regular Aaron Miles base card, but I don't have the gold parallel. Thanks.

If I had more time on my hands I think I'd consider collecting the rainbow-era Devil Rays.