Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Cheapo Doubler Break: Giants, Diamondbacks

I don't feel too bad about getting Bipped my Motherscratcher the other day, since he did pick up two of the least desirable teams in the break. Has anybody ever got to the bottom of this? Why does no one ever want these teams?

Teams: Giants, Diamondbacks
Buyer: Motherscratcher
Favorite Cards: 1997 Collector's Choice #454 Wilson Delgado, Circa '97 #260 Rod Beck, #348 Mark Lewis, 2004 Skybox L.E. #27 Roberto Alomar, 1999 Upper Deck MVP Scout's Choice #SC13 Travis Lee

Thoughts: The Diamondbacks lot was so God-awful horrible that I'm throwing in another nice card in spite of the Scout's Choice insert. (You'll see that next.) I have no recollection of Alomar's time spent with the D-Backs. Guess I blinked during his 38 games with them.

So crappy was this lot that I am including a 2008 Topps #UH298 Gold Parallel Dan Haren All-Star.

The Giants weren't great either, but there was a Jeff Kent insert. No way I'm showing that one. I'd rather go into greater depth on the Circa '97 cards. There's a quote on the front of each base card, either from the player or about him. When I finally took the time to look closely at these, I was surprised to find how self-depricating and humble some of the quotes were. Not all of the statements were announcing the second coming of Mickey Mantle. Let's look at Rod Beck's words:

"I come out after people." This is more of what I expected.

Let's check out the words of Mark Lewis:

"I can never replace Matt Williams."
That's a breath of fresh air, especially considering the jacked-up-on-steroids era in which these were produced.

I also loved this Wilson Delgado card. Too bad he didn't become a huge star, because this card might have become a classic. From the moment I saw this card, all I could think of was old Warner Bros. cartoons. Doesn't Delgado's bat, combined with the placement of the "Rookie Debut" logo, look like one of those flag-in-the-pistol gags the likes of which Bugs Bunny might pull out?

Too bad it doesn't say, "BANG!"


SpastikMooss said...

Delgado, and the Circas, absolutely rule. Nice teams.

Motherscratcher said...

Yeah, those circa's are awesome.

I think you might have the set wrong for that Alomar card. It must be that Chicle set where they take players and put them in other teams unis for some strange reason. There is no other reason for Alomar to be in a Diamondbacks uni because we all know he never played there.

If Beardy is in this break you can include the Kent with his stuff because that's his favorite player.

Oh, and thanks for the Haren. Unnecessary but cool, man.