Sunday, January 24, 2010

Cheapo Doubler Break: Mariners, Reds

Winding down, only a few teams left.

Teams: Mariners, Reds
Buyer: Bud (First Day Issue)
Favorite Cards: Circa '97 Boss #6 Ken Griffey, Jr., 1998 Topps Stadium Club Playing With Passion #P10 Ken Griffey, Jr., 1997 UD Collector's Choice #332 Alex Rodriguez Ken Griffey, Jr.'s Hot List, Circa '97 #100 Alex Rodriguez, 1999 UD MVP #55 Saen Casey

Thoughts: The old adage holds true: You can't go wrong picking the Mariners in a late-1990s group break. Once again, some very nice Griffey inserts were pulled. I think I like the Boss card the best. You can't tell from the scan, but all of the letters and the picture of Griffey himself are embossed (thus the name), and they nailed the M's colors perfectly. I believe there were other levels of Boss cards in '97 Circa, this being the most common. There was only one other one pulled, I think, and we haven't seen it yet. This is good for the few people with teams left.

Dwarfed by the Mariners by a staggering margin, there weren't any exciting Reds cards pulled. I went with Casey beacuse he routinely comes out on top by, yes, a staggering margin whenever MLB players themselves are polled on who the nicest player in baseball is. It's an absolute landslide, really. Here's the 2007 results from SI.

Since the Reds were so crappy, I'm throwing in a 2009 Topps Unique Unparalleled Performances #UP15 Bronson Arroyo.

He got this card because of what he did on April 5 and 11, 2006. Not exactly amazing, but certainly UNIQUE because he's the only guy to ever do it. Do you know what he did?


William said...

He hit a homer in each of his first two pitching appearances.

Thorzul said...

And won the game.