Monday, January 18, 2010

Cheapo Doubler Break: Tigers, Brewers

Yes, it's a first in these group breaks: The Brewers were put up for grabs. Let's see what transpires, and if I'll regret it.

Teams: Tigers, Brewers
Buyer: RoofGod
Favorite Cards: 2007 Goudey #209 Al Kaline SP, 1996 Score #493 Mark Loretta, 1998 Topps Stadium Club #198 Todd Dunn

Thoughts: That Kaline is a nice short printed card, so we did fairly well with the one pack of Goudey we had to open. The Loretta rookie is a nice card from what, judging from the hats, were called the "Bowel Movement" years. (Actually, wouldn't the MB from Lo's half-turtleneck make a great jumbo patch swatch?) And I included Todd Dunn because I enjoy seeing Brewers from my college years that I cannot remember having played.

No special Brewers cards, so RoofGod will also receive this: 2009 Topps Gold Parallel #501 Jeff Suppan (1354/2009)

Hmmm, Suppan really mastered that sliding-onto-a-black-thing aspect of the Major League Baseball experience. Too bad he hasn't yet mastered the art of the winning record yet as a Brewer. Will this be the year? My mind says "no," and my heart... well... agrees with it.


beardy said...

That's a really nice looking Kaline.

'07 Goudey was the best Goudey. Of the Upper Deck Goudeys anyway.

Sharpe said...

Jeff Suppan will likely be out of our rotation shortly before the All-Star break. If management had any sense, he wouldn't sniff the starting rotation.

It's sad when your owner makes your GM pony up the bucks for a guy you know is going to put 1 and a half baserunners on each and every inning and likely never last past the 6th. I can only hope we puzzle together and offer for Sheets. I figure Sheets plus Wolf should be about 29 decent starts.

RoofGod said...

I agree Beardy, that is a nice looking Kaline and i'm glad that it's all mine! Thanks for hosting this break Thorzul.