Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Cheapo Doubler Break: Yankees, Padres

I think this is the first combo in this group break with two teams that have met in the World Series. Of course, just by saying that, it means that I'm dead fucking wrong, and I somehow forgot the time the Brewers met the Tigers in the World Series. What? Where am I? Whose shirt is this?

Teams: Yankees, Padres
Buyer: Swag
Favorite Cards: Circa '97 #200 Derek Jeter, 2006 Topps Chrome #7 Mickey Mantle, Circa '97 #150 Tony Gwynn, 2008 Topps C0-Signers #079 Adrian Gonzalez/Jim Edmonds Blue Plaid Refractor (19/50)

Thoughts: Nice hit in that Co-Signers pack, one of the lowest numbered insert parallels, I think. There were a couple of Mantle cards in the lot, this being the cooler or the two. The other was one of his interminable Home Run History cards. Come to think of it, doesn't someone the caliber of... say... Ron Jeremy deserve a similar retrospective set? Actually, nix that. Wipe it from the collective memory. I need to go take a shower now. See you in six or seven hours. Ick.

And how about those Circa cards? The quotes fit perfectly with the men. First there's Gwynn; Humble, reserved, dang-diddly-down-damn-doodley-right philosophical about his chosen profession and the success he has experienced therein.

Then there's Jeter:

How about it, dayf? I'd like to hear your thoughts on that shit. Does this have any place on a baseball card? Is it considered bad form to project such hubris in a 2 1/2" by 3 1/2" space?

Remember, the first part of "cocky"... is "cock." And the first part of "pride"... is "prid." Think about THAT!


dayf said...

eh, they won fair and square. It's their right to be total dicks about it.

Swag said...

Aiight. Pretty nice. Got what a wanted, some Jeters and Gwynns. Plus the Co-signers ain't too bad either.

Anonymous said...

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madding said...

Damn... I would have grabbed the Pads if they were available, but I barely made it in under the wire as it is. (Mostly I just want the stupid Edmonds card.)