Monday, January 18, 2010

Good Stuff on the 'Bay

I got a few things for sale up on eBay ending this Saturday. A few nice singles (especially that Gordon Beckham), the Tiger Woods, some star lots, and basically all of my football cards I don't want. Check it out.

I've also been watching an INSANE 2008 Allen & Ginter Bazooka-backs 99% complete set. I was just curious to see if anyone bit on that price. It looks like it will be over just before this gets posted, so you should be able to tell now. I'm guessing the relisting will go to half that.


dayf said...

Let me know if no one bites on the Beckham. I don't even remember my eBay password anymore.

You have to admire the insane obsession of a guy who not only works so hard to build that Bazooka set, but is STILL trying to complete it even as he's sellng it.

Thorzul said...

Yeah, that Bazooka guy is awesome. I can just picture it:

"Wait, just give me five more minutes. I CAN DO THIS!"

Sharpe said...

Had I known you had Tiger I would have offered you a trade. Now I must bid!

Thus far he's going to be the missing link to my Sports Royalties this year.