Friday, January 1, 2010

Group Break 2010: The Cheapening

No more teasing.
Here it is, the next cheapo group break from Thorzul Will Rule. No better way to start off the new year, no doubt. I've got a wide range of packs and boxes for you this time. Check out what we've got.

(1) pack 2008 Topps Co-Signers (Hobby)
(1) pack 2006 Topps Chrome
(1) pack 2002 Flair
(1) pack 2007 Goudey
(1) pack 1995 Pinnacle Series 2
(1) pack 1996 Score Series 1
(1) pack 1996 Score Series 2
(1) pack 2007 Upper Deck Masterpieces
(2) packs 1998 Collector's Choice Series 1 (Plus 1 Jumbo card)
(1) pack 2007 Upper Deck Series 2
(1) pack 2007 Topps Series 2
(1) pack 1991 Score Series 2
(1) pack 1997 Collector's Choice

(1) box 2004 Skybox Limited Edition (6 packs)
(1) box Fleer Circa '97 (14 packs)
(1) box 1999 Upper Deck MVP (10 packs)
(1) box 1998 Topps Stadium Club "The Evens" (7 packs)

That Circa '97 box should be interesting, hopefully lots of great inserts will come out of it. We got an AUTO out of MVP last time, and plus Stadium Club is always fun. Not too sure about "The Evens," though. Kind of an odd way to release a product.

As I indicated last time, the break would go a little differently this time around. I'd like to have everyone team accounted for, so I'm lowering the per-team price but requiring that everyone select two teams. The price for the pair of teams will be $8.00. I hope this is a price everyone can live with: There are fewer overall packs than last time, but I think the quality might be higher, and you're getting two teams' worth of cards.

Here's how it will work. I've divided all known baseball teams into two groups. The teams that have traditionally been the most desired have been placed into Group A, and the lesser-taken teams into Group B. If you want in on this break, you have to pick one team from Group A and one team from Group B. I think there's a pretty good mix of divisions and leagues in each group, and perhaps I've misgauged the appeal of some of the teams, but whatever. If you find a team you really want in Group B, that's awesome. (Oh yeah, go ahead and take the Brewers if you want. I couldn't leave an odd number of teams. I hope this makes another Brew Crew fan happy.)

To enter, leave a comment indicating the two teams you want. Then as soon as possible, send $8.00 to
Please, please include as much pertinent information in the payment as you can. Sometimes it's hard to match a screen name with a real name, and then match that with a team, so please include the name of the team and a screen name in the payment message.

Cardinals: madding (paid)
Cubs: gritz76 (paid)
Braves: SpastikMooss (paid)
Phillies: capewood (paid)
Dodgers: night owl (paid)
Giants: Motherscratcher (paid)
Indians: BASEBALL DAD (paid)
White Sox: White Sox Cards (paid)
Tigers: RoofGod (paid)
Yankees: Swag
Red Sox: shanediaz82 (paid)
Orioles: Beardy (paid)
Mariners: Bud (First Day Issue) (paid)
A's: Zpop (paid)
Angels: RWH (paid)

Brewers: RoofGod
Reds: Bud (First Day Issue)
Pirates: capewood
Marlins: Beardy
Mets: night owl
Nationals/Expos: Zpop
Rockies: White Sox Cards
Padres: Swag
Diamondbacks: Motherscratcher
Twins: gritz76
Royals: SpastikMooss
Rays: madding
Blue Jays: shanediaz82
Rangers: RWH

(I will be visiting relatives this afternoon, so I won't be able to edit this post right away to show who picked which teams, so please read the comments carefully so you don't choose a team someone's already got. Good luck getting who you want!)


night owl said...

I'm in. Dodgers and Mets please.

I'll paypal you over the weekend.

SpastikMooss said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
RoofGod said...

I would like the Tigers and the Brewers please.

Paypal to follow shortly.

SpastikMooss said...

I'll go Braves and Royals please! Paypal to follow!

shanediaz82 said...

Red Sox and Blue Jays please!

Bud (First Day Issue) said...

Mariners and Reds if you would. I will send the paypal payment shortly.


I'm up to trying one of your breaks! Indians and Astros please.I will send paypal tonight.

RWH said...

Angels and Rangers please.

Swag said...

I'd like to join and take Yankees/Padres... however I do not have access to a Paypal. Is there any way I could pay otherwise..? Please let me know.

Zpop said...

I'll take the Nationals/Expos and the A's please.

Thorzul said...

Email me and I'll get you my address for you to send payment.

capewood said...

I'll take the Phillies and, dang, somebody already snagged the Astros. Well, give me that other PA team, the Pirates. Paypal to follow.

gritz76 said...

How about the Cubs and the Twins

madding said...

I'll go with Cardinals/Rays.

beardy said...

Even though we're feuding, I'll take the O's & Marlins. I say that angrily, so that you realize the hatred I harbor towards your hatred of trade posts still exists. Oh yes my friend, it is real. VERY real.