Tuesday, January 19, 2010

High-End Group Break, Anyone?

Anybody interested in a 2005 Bowman Sterling box break? I've been looking for something a little higher-end to do this with, and this looks like a good product. The box will include six packs of five cards each. Every pack is supposed to contain two base cards, one AUTO First-Year Player (FYP) card, one AUTO/RELIC FYP card, and one veteran RELIC card. Plus there could be a box loader (one per case) and there are also refractor parallels and such.

These go for between $410 and $460-ish per box, so I'm seeing a per-card price of about $15-$16, possibly a little more if I have to get it at the high end of the price spectrum. There would be 30 slots, each slot getting one card. A drawing order would be randomized just prior to the break and on the exact same video clip. You could order as many slots as you'd like.

If you're interested, leave a comment about how many slots you might be interested in. There's a bunch of good rookies of current stars in this set, and there are 18 hits in the box. The payoff for someone could potentially be huge. No promises, though. I'm going to have to require PayPal on this one, since I don't want to worry about replenishing my bank account with cash.

If I get enough nibbles, I'll make an official participation post tonight and start accepting payment.


Swag said...

If you do this, you could count me in.

FanOfReds said...

While I think I'm interested in getting in some group breaks this year, $16.00 for a 40% chance of a single base card is too much of a gamble for my blood. I'll be interested to see what is pulled though if this goes through!

beardy said...

If it's $15 or so per "hit", yeah, you can probably count me in.

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