Friday, January 22, 2010

Lots of Bippage, But No Nip Slippage

I'm trying to stay current on all of this, folks, but the Bippings are occurring at an exponential rate. If Hollywood made a movie that was a cross between Dawn of the Dead and a utility infielder, but changed the setting to a 1990s card shop, this is what it would feel like.
Oh, and if there's someone out there who could make Bip into a fractal, I'd love to see it.

Let's see what's transpired recently. There's a bit of Brave Bipping going on. Not ballsy, mind you, just actual Braves. Best-known Braves collector dayf got more Dale Murphys than he could handle, and the Great Sports Name Hall of Fame got Mannhugged, Rated Rookie-style. (Manhugger origin, anyone? You can drop your knowledge in the comments.) Garvey Cey Russell Lopes then got Bip Bipped, not exactly within the rules, but well in accordance with the spirit.

If I haven't linked to your Bipping, please let me know so I can include your particular rite of passage.

1. dayf Bipped by Motherscratcher
2. Thorzul Bipped by Motherscratcher
3. Night Owl Bipped by Thoughts and Sox
4. Baseball Cards Come to Life! Bipped by SpastikMooss
5. Motherscratcher Bipped by Beardy
6. Thorzul Bipped by Beardy
7. A Cardboard Problem Bipped by ?????
8. Beardy Bipped by GCRL (But Beardy Dikembe Mutombo-ed the Bipping Back in His Face)
9. Thorzul Bipped by gritz76
10. Great Sports Name Hall of Fame Bipped by Sports Cards Come to Life
11. dayf Bipped by Thoughts and Sox
12. GCRL Bipped by Padrographs

If you, or someone you love, gets Bipped, do not hesitate to call 1-800-THORZUL. Operators are standing by.


Rod said...

check out Autographed cards, zman get bipped with BO from Padrographs

Thorzul said...

Do you have a link to that? I'll post it if I can find it.

AdamE said...

Missed out on a couple more:

Rod said...

night owl said...

You missed my second bipping:

Thorzul said...

Thanks, guys. I am a completist, after all.

madding said...
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