Saturday, January 30, 2010

More Bippings and a D***-Slap

There have been a lot more dudes getting Bipped these days! I can't believe how far this has spread and how long it has gone on. I will try to keep up, but this task grows more daunting with every day that passes. If you don't see yours here, let me know.

Let's see what has transpired since we last met.
Doug Dascenzo made an unwanted appearance at The Paper Chase, the Cardboard Junkie got New York'd, Rain of Error bought some stuff on eBay and may have been Score hockey Bipped (verdict still hasn't been handed down, though), Carl Crawford Cards got Stitched, then he turned around and Crime Dogged a dude. Hardcore. The funniest, though, might be dayf getting Bipped again, this time by the same assailant that Bucked me. Some of the genuine Bip cards can be traced back to the original Bipping. Several clues have led me to deduce that the man responsible for this act in none other than Stale Gum's Chris Harris. Two titans of baseball card literature (because that's what this is, truly) going toe to toe... I can't wait to see the retaliation.

And then there was this little doozy. I got a package in the mail this week from Matt at Heartbreaking Cards of Staggering Genius. This guy likes to send me little packages of Brewers now and again, so I eagerly opened the bubble mailer to find...

...five Dicks staring back at me.

That's right, I've been Dick Slapped, 1981-style.
No worries, though, since there were some genuinely cool Brewers cards accompanying the Dicks, including this nifty Corey Hart Goudey parallel, numbered 88/88. That's a one-of-one, folks, if you're a complete douchebag. Good stuff, HCoSG, I'm glad you got in on the fun.

If I haven't linked to your Bipping, please let me know so I can include your particular rite of passage.
1. dayf Bipped by Motherscratcher
2. Thorzul Bipped by Motherscratcher
3. Night Owl Bipped by Thoughts and Sox
4. Baseball Cards Come to Life! Bipped by SpastikMooss
5. Motherscratcher Bipped by Beardy
6. Thorzul Bipped by Beardy
7. A Cardboard Problem Bipped by ?????
8. Beardy Bipped by GCRL (But Beardy Dikembe Mutombo-ed the Bipping Back in His Face)
9. Thorzul Bipped by gritz76
10. Great Sports Name Hall of Fame Bipped by Sports Cards Come to Life
11. dayf Bipped by Thoughts and Sox
12. GCRL Bipped by Padrographs
13. Autographed Cards Bipped by Padrographs
14. Heartbreaking Cards Bipped by Thoughts and Sox
15. Cards on Cards Bipped by Thoughts and Sox
16. Night Owl Bipped by Wicked Ortega
17. Thorzul Bipped by Thoughts and Sox
18. Thorzul Bipped by ?????
19. The Paper Chase Bipped by Jon
20. dayf Bipped by Collective Troll
21. Rain of Error Bipped by an eBay seller
22. Carl Crawford Cards Bipped by thesewingmachineguy
23. Great Sports Name Hall of Fame Bipped by Carl Crawford Cards
24. dayf Bipped by Stale Gum
25. Thorzul Bipped by Heartbreaking Cards

If you, or someone you love, gets Bipped, do not hesitate to call 1-800-THORZUL. Operators are standing by.


beardy said...

I got bipped by Heartbreaking Cards as well.

FanOfReds said...

I too was bipped by Heartbreaking Cards... I sense a pattern emerging here from that guy.

TJ said...

It seems that there is a basketball version of the Bip called the Sene. You've created an evil in the hobby.Watch out! You definitely don't want this to happen to you!

night owl said...

dayf had it coming. He bipped me. Nobody does that. And by nobody, I mean everybody.

Please try to keep up.

deal said...

Jim Abbott got me...