Friday, January 1, 2010

Night Owl Trade

These cards have been sitting near the scanner for over a month, but I'd still like to properly thank Night Owl for his big Brewers trade. I've pulled out 10 of the best ones he sent me for some Dodgers.
The Gallardo section of my Brewers binder has begun to grow a little, thanks to this 2010 Topps Turkey Red #TR13.

A Brewer from "The Horrible Years," (which, incidentally, are back with a vengeance), we have a 1999 Upper Deck #131 Scott Karl. Cards featuring players signing cards are always appreciated around here.

This Paul Molitor card was rescued from a cereal box.

And let's finish with several Ryan Braun cards I don't have, and which will probably make me add a new page to my Braun/Fielder binder.
2010 Topps Attax, 2009 Upper Deck SP Authentic #8 Gold Parallel (054/299), and a 2010 Upper Deck #586 Brewers Team Checklist (featuring Yo).

Three more: 2009 Topps Chrome Straight Outta Bed Xfractor #75, 2010 Toppstown #TTT24, and 2009 Upper Deck X X2 Xponential #X2-RB

Big thanks!

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