Thursday, January 21, 2010

Solve This Card Rebus... Or Die!

Sorry about last night's post. Man, that was just horrible. Lazy.
To make up for it, I'm going to do something fun.

Are there any avid readers of Highlights for Children magazine out there?
No, not you skip-ahead-to-Goofus-and-Gallant emmer-effers, I'm talking about the cover-to-cover, waiting-in-the-dentist's-office, let's-all-fix-a-healthy-snack die-hard Highlights crew that can't get enough of that periodical. If you are part of the latter group, then I know you have mad love for the Brain Teaser from the Gods that is REBUS.

No, not "Redus." Rebus, you hook-ass... (Sorry, still can't shake that term since the episode of "Arrested Development" I watched last night.)

Here's the deal. I'm gonna trot out a bunch of cards that I will use to create a rebus. No clues about the nature of the puzzle, except that the cards are pictured in the order in which they appear in the rebus. Not much to go on, but I'm sure someone can figure it out.

Good luck figuring it out.


Anonymous said...

Mama Daddy Granny "The Great One" vegan monster...

Stumped. D@mn you Thorzul, I'd rather be Bipped! Why couldn't you have just posted a Hidden Pictures instead?

William said...

Yankees v. Phillies something I don't know.

dayf said...

Rebus answer:
Something something something something Natalie Portman's boobs something.

If you own that card, don't be so stingy on the scan resolution, mmmkay?

Mad Guru said...

The answer is Suga Free!

"yo mamma yo daddy yo bald headed granny. she 99 she think she fine she goin out with frankinstein"

Mad Guru said...

Or it's Brickwall Waterfall

Doc said...

Pitch-forks and sticks poke Frankenstein?

Sorry, Portman's pokies confused me. I agree with Dayf, higher resolution, for I am guilty of clicking.

Chris Harris said...

Yankees V. Phillies. The greatest, most desirable woman, in the house.

dogfacedgremlin said...

I like Mad Guru's first answer