Friday, January 1, 2010

Trade With First Day Issue

Actual date of post: 8/27/10

Bud from First Day Issue sent me a big stack of Brewers for one of those '07 Sweet Spot tine with Griffey on the cover. Here are my fabulous five favorites from the lot.

A dude you guys probably forgot once played for the Brewers.

A dude who I didn't even know played for the Brewers.

A minty fresh Cooper Leaf.

A close-to-bedtime Mat Gamel.

And a Robin Yount that was not yet on my checklist. I do have one of these in my extremely valuable 1990 Score factory set, but probably didn't even know it. Straight to the Yount Oddball binder with you!

Thanks, Bud!


The Notorious B.U.D. said...

Got the tin the other day. Thanks! I didn't realize it was so big, sorry. I'll send you some more Brewers when I pull 'em.

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