Sunday, February 14, 2010

2010 Topps Experiment: Update #3

The other day I opened up the eight packs of 2010 Topps cards I received as my prize from the Play at the Plate contest. I got a little closer to my goal, but there is still work to be done.

There were quite a few questions asked of me in my last 2010 Topps post, and I'd like to answer them here.

Q1 (from Anonymous): "If the Fieldr card is your fav. Does that mean you don't have the one with braun and Fielder shadow Boxing at the home run derby?"

A1: I indeed now have this card. And no, I do not like it better than the Prince "We All Fall Down" card. Actually, I have recently upgraded the infrastructure of my various collections, including creating a new binder featuring just Prince Fielder and Ryan Braun cards. My other non-Yount Brewers now reside in the old binder with plenty of breathing room, and the Fielder/Braun binder has a photo of the two doing their boxing routine on the cover.

Q2 (from sruchris): "Which cards do you still need?"

A2: Here is the current list, which is also in the sidebar:
6 7 8 9 14 18 29 35 46 53 57 63 74 98 100 107 127 142 144 145 147 153 159 160 162 163 164 176 177 181 185 191 202 205 211 216 220 222 225 228 233 236 240 250 261 264 267 269 274 275 277 280 284 287 297 298 300 301 303 311 314 327

Q3 (from Cardsplitter): "Are you going after inserts next?"

A3: No, I'm not going to bite off more that I care to chew. Also, the inserts this year are kind of meh, aside from the Target-exclusive 1951 Red Backs. Those are awesome, but I think I'm happy with the few that I already have.

I hope that answers everyone's questions. Let me take a minute now to show you some of my other favorite cards from the first release of the new year.

The Eric Young Jr. sliding awkwardly into home is a great one. Dirt flying, unorthodox positioning, and even a little blood on the inner thigh... all elements of a modern classic.

Yunel Escobar looks pretty good as Casey McGehee is doing everything he can to break up a double play ball short of using a snow shovel. Although...

...he's easily outdone by Omar Vizquel. Wow, getting it done in that fashion at 42. What's great about him returning with the White Sox this season is that he will soon have played in four different decades (the '80s, '90s, '00s, and the teens).

Rounding out my favorites is the bad airbrush job done on Carlos Gomez, who was traded to the Brewers from the Twins in November. While of course Gomez has not yet played a game for Milwaukee, the dead giveaway on this card in the flatness of the Brewers logo on his helmet and sleeve. The scan does this no justice, however. You really have to hold the card to see how bad it looks.

If you want to send me some more of the cards I need, as always:
Bill Boehm
1916 N. 52nd St.
Milwaukee, WI 53208


Anonymous said...

Great post as for me. I'd like to read a bit more about this theme. Thank you for posting this data.

ttyl2535 said...

I don't know that Gomez airbrush job lools great. Topps has gotten better and better at doing this.

sruchris said...

I'm sending you these tomorrow:

7 142 144 145 164 205 222 225 228 240 250 261 275 297 301 314 327

Cardsplitter said...

I am sending you 14, 35, 46, 98, 100, 153, 162, 176, 181, 185, 202, 264, 269 and 300 tomorrow.

Gettin' closer.