Sunday, February 21, 2010

2010 Topps Experiment: Update #6 -- Special Delivery

OK, so this is weird.

Yesterday, as I went to get my mail, I noticed an envelope stuck between the inner and outer doors. There was other mail in the mailbox, of course, and seeing I often receive packages full of cards that cannot fit in the box, it's not at all unusual to find a package stuck in the door. When I looked at this door envelope, however, something wasn't right. There was no stamp on it, and my address was only partially complete. Odd.

A list of things that could have been inside went through my mind. Maybe it's another letter from that lady on the block who solicits donations for the March of Dimes. Perhaps the person who organizes payments for the alley to be plowed has a refund for me, since we haven't had that much snow this year, and because the guy was very, very late plowing for the last big storm we had.

Actually, it was neither of these things. The envelope, adorned with a return address in Milwaukee, was full of cards. Hand-delivered cards. There were three 2010 Topps cards I needed:
AL Rookie of the Year Andrew Bailey...

Jhonny Peralta sliding into... let's call it third...

And a group of Orioles plotting a coup that would take them out of the AL East into another division.

There was also a Payne Stewart Pro Set card. This is particularly nice, since I never owned this card. Now I can put it with my completed set.

Rounding out the lot were a whole bunch of guys who were Brewers at one time in their career. Who would have thought Bob Sebra would have popped up twice on this blog in the last week?

It was a very nice gesture from a guy I'll call "Joe from the South Side," but I must admit I'm a little weirded out by the method of delivery. I have definitely drawn a line between my private life and things that are discussed on this site. I know that many of you have contacted me regarding becoming friends on Facebook or joining LinkedIn and stuff like that, all to no avail. It's not that I have a particular distaste for any readers or bloggers; rather, I've ignored all of these requests to the very last one. I'm just keeping things like that for real friends and family, and this blog is something entirely separate. That being said, I do appreciate the generosity of everyone who has sent me something over the years, and I do consider you comrades in this hobby universe.

This goes out to everyone: If you want to send me cards in the future, please mail them. (That goes for you, too, Jack Plumstead. Stay on your side of the Atlantic.)


jackplumstead said...

Damn. I intended on hand delivery as well. Should I cancel the passage I have booked on the Titanic. I have heard its pretty safe way to travel.I could send them carrier pigeon if you would prefer?

Thorzul said...


Anonymous said...

We know where you live... Bring back the Bippings!

PunkRockPai... errr, Anonymous

William said...

So Thorzul is stalkworthy? I'd be proud if I were you.

gritz76 said...

Who wants to dress up in San Diego Padre's uni's with a '87 Topps border made of cardboard and sit outside Thorzul's house? Let me know and I'll arrange the carpool.

Anonymous said...

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