Tuesday, February 23, 2010

2010 Topps Experiment: Update #7

What's the opposite of a conscientious objector? What do you call a guy who, in the shadow of a ceasefire, rallies troops to what used to be the front? Well, in these circles, we call him dayf.

Dude sent some 2010 Topps, a gallant contribution to the project, but one that didn't come without a threat.

Yeah, I expect it to come, maybe during those July doldrums, perhaps those awful post-All-Star Game days when no ball is being played anywhere. It'll happen, no doubt.

But then, in the middle of the lot, came some confusing messages.

I have no idea what these are about, but I suppose they have something to do with Bipping, or, more accurately, its absence. Or perhaps the hubris exhibited in my belief that my words can prompt other to action (or inaction).
(Speaking of which, don't forget to SAVE YOUR WRAPPERS!)

Anyways, I appreciate the generous lot that put me a few cards closer to my goal. That counter on this project might have to be shut off soon, hopefully.
I picked out two favorites to show off.
First, there's Craig Counsell. Rarely do you get a card of a Brewer taking flight. I certainly appreciate it.

And then there's Cito Gaston, having a good cry.

I realize this card has already been written about at length, so I'll bring this post to its logical conclusion.

UPDATE: Reading this post immediately after publishing it, I realized what dayf meant by "these pieces of crap." No more Topps Head of the Class cards, I gather? Good riddance.


dayf said...

You got it, my friend!

I would never bip someone with a pile of Topps of the Class cards. That's just horrible.

Thorzul said...

That would be like mailing garbage, a practice I publicly abhorr...