Wednesday, February 10, 2010

CC: A Brave Brewer

Since 2009 Topps Sterling came out a few weeks ago, several new CC Sabathia cards have seen the light of day. I like the way Topps decided to depict CC in all three important phases of his stellar career. While I'm chasing after only his Brewers cards, there are several variations of the lefty as an Indian and as a Yankee.

2009 Topps Sterling Back-to-Back Warren Spahn Awards Quad Gray Jersey #4CCR-62 (06/25)

I don't have much more to say about this card, except that I've got some other ones coming down the pike that will put this puppy to shame.

I'd also like to ask Topps to stop producing cards of Sabathia in a Brewers uniform. I'd like to close the book on this collecting chapter so I can put more focus on my Yount collection. Oh well, I have a lifetime ahead of me to pursue those elusive cards.


Anonymous said...


i see you Are in Milwaukee.

I'm New to The Area.

wheres the best place for Cards?

I went to Brew City on 27th...

seemed like a nice enough guy?

You ever go to the Serb hall card shows?

Thorzul said...

I wish I had a good answer for you. Personally, I'm not all that happy with any of the card shops in the area. I probably hit West Allis Sports Cards the most, but the only thing I buy there are storage supplies. There are no packs for sale, and the hobby boxes are way overpriced.
Price's Sportscards in Southridge is better if you're looking for packs of cards, and they do have some decent stuff on clearance, but the prices are still way out of line.
I'd take my chances on the Serb Hall or Gonzaga Hall shows. They are fun and the dealers are willing to bargain. Check out my posts on these shows by searching for the hall names.