Thursday, February 25, 2010

CC: Drunk on Sterling

Today's two cards complete the trifecta of "Warren Spahn Award" cards from Topps Sterling. You may remember the one numbered to 25 from a couple of weeks ago. Behold its two cousins.

2009 Topps Sterling "Back-to-Back Warren Spahn Awards" Quad Gray Jersey #4CCR-62 (01/10)

2009 Topps Sterling "Back-to-Back Warren Spahn Awards" Quad Patch #4CCR-62 (1/1)

The (01/10) card is pretty unnecessary, as it makes no real improvements over the (06/25) one. The one-of-one, however, has a really nice platinum-y finish on the front (and the back) that gives it an undeniably regal appearance. The patch aesthetics are top-notch, even without the sparkly gold thread that appears on some of his other patch cards.

Believe it or not, we are still not done with the Sterling here. Speaking of which, have anyone ever drank the brand of beer called Sterling? I remember picking up a twelve-pack with a buddy of mine about six or seven years ago. The twelver ran me only about $3.99, and I was psyched to see something so cheap claim some cooler space at my local grocery store, but then it disappeared as abruptly as it had shown up. We joked that it was a beer whose worth could be measured in pounds sterling. These cards are almost as good, if only less hoppy.

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