Saturday, February 6, 2010

Completion, Heritage-Style!

Just a quick post to celebrate the completion of my 2008 Topps Heritage set. As per custom, here is the final card I received to finish it off, 2008 Topps Heritage #430 Chien-Ming Wang:

This card was acquired in a trade with reader Dan, proprietor of the site The Other World. (Great name for a site, by the way, although it reminds me more of the awesome Zendo figurines made by Arco in the 1980s than baseball cards.)

For the record, completion of this set amounted to the entire 500-card base set, all of the black-back parallels, and the following insert sets: Then & Now, New Age Performers, Flashbacks, News Flashbacks, and the Target-exclusive minis. The thing looks great in a binder, with one page in particular catching my eye. If you like symmetry and patterns, this page is a beauty.

In return, I sent The Other World some Steve Carlton and Mike Schmidt cards for his collection. Dan also threw in an '07 Allen & Ginter Dominican Republic cabinet card. Nice stuff, and a recommended trader.


White Sox Cards said...

Damn! Everyone is completing this set and I'm still looking for (mostly) short prints.

Congrats! I hope to have that same feeling this year.

night owl said...

Congrats. I'm still 24 cards away and I'm not even trying to get all the inserts.