Wednesday, February 17, 2010

A Guessing Game

A couple of Topps Finest redemptions came in the mail today, including a Dexter Fowler autographed letter patch.
Here's the back.

Can you guess what letter is on the front?

Oh, and I love the language used on the back of the card:
This patch was never worn by a player in a game or event.

I like the honesty, but isn't it kind of hard to prove a negative? Just sayin'.

Reader William was the first to correctly guess the letter, W.

Looks like Topps rocked it It's a Mad. Mad, Mad, Mad World-style.


Roy said...

Q or F.

Mad Guru said...

Has to be an X for DeXter.

dayf said...

Can you guess what letter is on the front?

My guess: Sigma.

Thorzul said...

No one's gotten it yet.

Not even dΣyf.

William said...


dayf said...

That's not a W, it's a sideways Sigma!

And YOUR name is William!