Monday, February 15, 2010

That Turned Out Better Than Expected

I only had two cards to redeem this year so far, because of the begging, mostly. It took me a couple of tries, and I'm going to spare you the details. But here's what I got.

Before I reveal them, let's make something perfectly clear. There is a difference between "shit" and "the shit." Let's see if you can tell which is which.

My first card... shit.

My second card... the shit.


I'm intrigued by, yet cautious about, the signature on the Brinkman. Original 1965 Topps cards did not contain facsimile autos. Perhaps mine will be signed, perhaps not. In any case, I got to learn more about a player from the past, which is always good.


madding said...

I apparently unlocked a signed 2001 Luis Aparicio Topps Archive Reserve card. I'm also... cautious.

Play at the Plate said...

Very nice Brinkman!

Quinton said...

I unlocked 4 common cards from '89 - '93. Mike Carreon, Lance Johnson are two other commons I can't remember... totally lame.

Anonymous said...

i started with an ozzie 97, then gwynn 98, then hit a funk with joe grahe 93, jeff hamilton 93, closed strong with 2 oldies in pete runnels 60 and johnny romano 66.
last was an 87 gary roenicke.

think i can get a 60's uecker for my romano or runnels?

IDK....3rd Base said...

NICE Brinkman card!! "Steady" Eddie played on the Tigers '72 AL East Div. winning team. He wasn't strong with the bat but strong with the glove. Enjoy!!!